Kara Post-Kennedy has been both writing and imposing her will on others since she was knee-high to grasshopper.  She forced family and neighbors to perform in plays she wrote and directed while still in elementary school, wrote brassy opinion pieces for her high school newspaper and fine-tuned her flair for drama while studying at Vassar College.

After spending 9 years in Los Angeles working as a screenwriter and developing an expertise in the field of “near-misses”, Kara had a comic (read: HUMILIATING) autobiographical piece published in “What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories” by St. Martin’s Press alongside such writers as Carrie Fisher and Nicole Hollander.   

When her son was born, Kara put writing on the back burner in order to develop critical parenting skills such as calmly walking around a birthday party with a boa constrictor around her neck (who says boys are easier???)  She began publishing her blog in 2013 in hopes of becoming Your New Best Friend.  Yes, she will wear a snake for you, too!

Kara writes about everything you can imagine and even accepts blog topic requests!  You can find her on The Good Men Project and over at The Huffington Post, you will read her work on the following pages:  Women, Healthy Living, GPS for the Soul, Religion, Politics, Entertainment, Parents, Gay Voices, Books, Common Grief and Comedy.  Kara leaves no stone unturned; she has an opinion (and USUALLY a sense of humor) about every topic under the sun.