Happy (Hateful) Anniversary

Instead it is my anger that sparks, and I who burns
on this mountainous bonfire of regret
as, finally, I realize it was I who never amounted

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Resurrection and Moving On

By Janet Reed Resurrection What was I thinking watering the petunias after the air hardened, the days heavy with pumpkins? Summer’s sweet fruit, spring’s easy blooms weeks gone, yet the old strumpets stayed on — splashes of red lipstick still kissing their puckered mouths. I didn’t see the wolf spider until its maze of spun […]

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Lost Voice Lost Self

Singing. For me, it’s akin to breathing. It’s at the core of who and what I am. While other titles have come and gone, singer was always there, defining my very existence. It’s woven into my bloody DNA.

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By Kathryn Holzman They were married in the summer. The Justice of the Peace sat at the helm of the rowboat. From the shore, stereo speakers played the Wedding March. Renee wore a bathing suit and a veil and promised, for the second time in her life, to love another until death parted them. Her […]

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Who the Hell is Responsible?

By Cheryl Oreglia “There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.” Matthew 28:2 Our thoughts are enormously powerful, sacramental on occasion, but always efficacious. What we believe about ourselves affects our motivation, our response to […]

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Looking Down a Barrel

By Tim Clark For a time I worked as a construction laborer.  It was taxing work, but it had some pleasant moments. Once we built a basement out by the river running past the town where I lived. It was a secluded, beautiful spot. Surrounded by trees and close enough you could hear the water running, […]

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Everybody Street

Everybody street Everybody is street Every body is a street body It’s a documentary About street photography In New York City A dozen, maybe 15, photographers Talking about what they do They are all white But they street? Jamel Shabazz is there Only Black man He street For real But everybody street? Nah A dozen […]

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I am a Born-Again Survivor

By Raymond Baxter I am a born-again survivor When western people get asked about resurrection I’m betting the first thing they think of would be Christ dying on the Cross; timely that I’m writing about this at Easter. See, I was raised (in school) as very Roman Catholic, and people are often surprised that I […]

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Geri’s Hands

By JL Higgs The sound of children’s voices in the salt sea air was what drew Geri toward the window overlooking the park. Easing between the paintings, drawings, and sculptures crammed into her 2nd floor studio, she halted in front of the slightly open window. Across the street, children in colorful protective winter clothing dotted the […]

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I Feel Bad for the Charging Bull

By Jillian Green DiGiacomo These days it’s all about the Fearless Girl, that adorable little figure secretly installed in lower Manhattan by an investment firm to celebrate (and advertise) its “Gender Diversity Index” fund. The 250-pound bronze statue by artist Kristen Visbal, stands head held high, shoulders squared, hands on hips, in the direct path, […]

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