In Praise of Angels: The Life Assistance Agency Book Review

“The Life Assistance Agency is a story that begs a sequel”

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Publication day – The Life Assistance Agency

As many of you know I have been impatiently waiting for this book. I hope you will all support this amazing author.❤️Shareen   When you have a public platform of the magnitude of Idle Blogs it seems churlish not to announce today as the day I hand in my notice at work. If I was a […]

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Book Review: Drake and the Fliers written by Allison Maruska

Review by Noah Ainslie The story is about a virus that infected everyone in the world and killed everyone who was twenty or older or was not going through puberty. I thought the title, Drake and the Fliers, was interesting. It pulled me in. I wanted to know what “fliers” meant. *spoilers ahead* I learned […]

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My Favorite Books About Writing Nonfiction

Originally posted on Jennifer Keishin Armstrong:
I always love reading about writing. I caution students about spending so much time reading about it that they never actually do it, but these books in particular have been invaluable in shaping my own approaches to writing. Some of them focus on nonfiction specifically, while many are great…

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