This is When I Thank Her For More Than Christmas

CStreetlights Empowering Women Christmas

It’s the middle of March so naturally I will write about Christmas when I was growing up. Like many, I had a complicated childhood but if I had to choose one area where my mother showed the most resiliency in her relationship with my father, it was as she prepared for Christmas. The dynamics between […]

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No Justice for Olaf, Champion of Warm Hugs

snowman with no justice caption Olaf post CStreetlights

Like  many mothers across America, I’ve watched Disney’s Frozen at least a million times and silently seethe each time Hans pulls the jerk move on Princess Ana. Now that my little girl has recovered from her punch drunk “Let it Go” fiesta, I don’t even mind the song so much. But I still want to […]

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The Weekend Naughties


It had been a long weekend. My husband had been out of town for business since Thursday and wouldn’t be home until late Monday night so I was having the artificial single-mom experience with my son who was about 3-years-old at the time. My son was and still is a calm child who rarely got in […]

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Meet C. Streetlights -OTV’s Voice of Reason

There’s a good chance C. Streetlights became part of the mafia in New York City after sympathizing with her waitress at TGIFridays and her waitress gave her a large take out bag filled with sandwiches and desserts. “The family” took care of the bill, she told C., throwing her arms around her, kissing her on […]

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