Birthday and Life Guard Portrait Poetry by Roberta Gould 

By Roberta Gould


Mother gave me
the moon
stone earrings
I wear
Milky gems
cast of light
a flower
for each ear

This celebration
perfects the day
No illusory
mar the glory

The sky weeps
its joy down


Life Guard  Portrait

Hazy Thursday…It’s late!
The thin blond who’s the lifeguard
tosses stones across the beach
waiting for six PM
to call his swimmers in
The hills to the west
are misty and thick
the sky leaden
the beach a monotone
except for his toy green vizor
and matching trunks
that brighten everything
Then he casts a last stone to the lake
laughs into the megaphone
calling out “Ten minutes left!”


roberta smyrna beach

Roberta Gould resides in the Hudson Valley.  Her poems have appeared recently in Naugatuck River Review, Blue Stem, Voices From Here, Waymark, etc.  Her 11th book, To the Dogs, was reviewed favorably in Compulsive Reader and Home Planet News,   She has lived at varioyus times in Mexico and has translated poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Quevedo and the Peruvian poet, Watanabe.  Her web site is


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