OTV: A Celebration Of Authors, Readers and Game Of Thrones

So, it’s July and all I can think is Winter Is Coming which means I’ll be watching Game Of Thrones in the heat of summer instead of running my way back into that beach body. It’s here, which means I might as well write about my love for authors and bloggers because in ten weeks I’m going to be a hot mess…yeah, I know more of the same. George R.R. Martin gave me Jon Snow, it’s only fitting I celebrate authors who, like him, have my love. It’s time to celebrate!

Instead of my usual rant, rave or confessional, I figured I’d celebrate the many people who have contributed to OTV Magazine’s success. Thanks to our readers, subscribers and our authors/special guests! As many of you know, an invitation request to guest on OTV is a rare thing. When Kara or I curate, we review what’s been submitted to us during an open call . We consider our Team of Regulars and reach out to Special Guests, authors we admire.

Since Kara & I joined forces OTV’s readership has more than doubled. If you aren’t in the OTVMAGAZINE Contributor & Author fan club on Facebook you are missing out. That group is my personal reading list which includes an array of authors.  Will started  a fan page to celebrate you. You can share a link to anything you’ve written outside of OTV. This page keeps us connected; it’s all about YOU.

Don’t forget to like our OTV Page on Facebook. There will be a special announcement with a cash prize. It will be published to our Facebook page first & our official twitter handle second. Be sure to subscribe to our page  and invite other authors to the fan page. I love authors! If you’re already doing these things all you need to do is leave a comment on your favorite published piece or comment on your favorite author. Our team of regular columnists are excluded from this competition, so give these writers some love by commenting or liking. I will select a winner at random.

By now I hope it’s obvious that Open Thought Vortex is a publication unlike any other. OTV has been on a real hot streak with so many submissions from amazing authors, poets and bloggers.  We hate rejection. Which is why we encourage you to please continue to submit. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t published for that call. Kara doesn’t forget. We often work our theme around the submissions we reviewed months prior because the author captured our attention. Instead of turning those pieces away we accept them so we can tailor an issue to publish. Kara gives great feedback and develops relationships with authors, same as I do. We are scheduling into the fall. Keep submitting. We will keep reading!

My focus will remain on reading  & social media You can always find me on social media connecting on a deeper level with everyone . Not just who we publish.  I’m your clumsy cheerleader! Let’s celebrate you!

Follow our new official twitter handle‪ ‪@OTVMagazine ‬for retweets & stay connected .

If you are published here on OTV Magazine take a look around . You’re surrounded by the best of the best. These authors make OTV special. We are open to all genres of writing, art and photography. Go ahead, soak it in.

OTV has always been an author platform. We want you front and center. Because of this we feel it’s important to maintain it as a non-competitive space with the primary mission to engage authors along with readers organically.  This is why we don’t show our stats. When you are published here, all authors are equal.  Our bios are fun & light-hearted without a huge list of credentials because really, who cares?  Read, enjoy, change the world!!!

Our team is compromised of Regular Columnists, Special Guests and Senior Staff.  We love our team and will promote you in every way we can.

Columnists go through an “audition” process.  We look for fire, drive and a hard-working team attitude.  We are open to all voices and we want to hear from you.  Take it from me. If Kara can deal with my gibberish, terrible grammar, and unruly non-compliance to deadlines, you know she can deal with you!

You can look forward soon to the introduction of two new columnists joining us, one we will announce this issue and the other in the “heat” of August.

I believe that activism starts with freedom of articulation, and that laughter, joy, and open-heartedness are all gateways to the soul. The world can be ugly, but we can face that ugliness without lingering in it.  This publication is self-funded in order to curate the best content without diluting our platform.

Trust me when I tell you I spend 8 hours a day reading , engaging and getting to know authors in order to bring in new and relevant voices (and to avoid my 12 year old son’s temper tantrums…it’s not like he learned it from me…OK, he MAY have learned it by watching me). You can’t say I didn’t confess long ago!

I’d like to continue the celebration by giving a shout out to some of my top picks of Guest Authors I’m obsessed with like I am with George R.R.Martin .

Jillian Green DiGiacomo: what can’t this author do? When she writes the world tilts on its axis drawing readers to her words. Don’t forget to check out her two books, Codename Cupcake and Off the Wall. You won’t be disappointed! (I’m in need of autographed copies, hint, hint).

James Gaynor & Emily Dickinson: How to describe James? He’s a bestselling poet with a beautiful, charming four-legged muse. He’s more than an author, he’s a legend.  Every time he appears on our pages he melts hearts.  He’s fun, he’s sincere plus he’s loaded with a talent for prose! Check out his amazing collection (I have an autographed copy, just sayin’) and find out why Everything Becomes a Poem 

Dori Owen is unstoppable. I don’t have words. I just don’t.  But she does.  A true force of nature who has clearly mastered the magic of words. Read them.

Heidi Williams: She’s not even on OTV and she made the list. Why? She’s a master at blogging advice. Blogging is not a hobby.  Heidi is a legit #boss making money as blogger. So while OTV is not a blog many authors we work with do have blogs. In the spirit of honesty I must direct you to my Heidi . Her advice is effective. If you to want to make money blogging, find her. She’s the key to success. She is also runs a great Facebook group that will improve your views.  Our fan page will soon include a blogging tip of the day by Heidi along with some exciting news on a project Heidi is working with me on.

I realize I haven’t listed even 1% of the authors I am obsessed with.

Now kick back and read. That’s what Kara and I will be doing!

Check out this Shortlist of other places to submit. OTV made the list!!

9 thoughts on “OTV: A Celebration Of Authors, Readers and Game Of Thrones

    1. It all my privelage and honor. This has been a whirlwihind of amazing events. I had no idea that I would ever find voices that truly spoke for me. I always say someone else always said it better. I am so fortunate to have such brilliant minds Coming together

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    1. Lol! When you do send me a tweet tag me @ShareenM & @OTVMagazine . I will respond and follow you back . Do you know how to activate your social links? How to set up so your pieces drop into your social feed with the hashtags & how to use them? If not send me an email Shareen.Mansfield@icloud.com . I’ll walk you through it . You got my attention with your writing. I’d like to stay connected . As the publisher /owner /creator I spend a lot of time reading . OTV’s team is fabulous and I’m Always looking for compelling voices . I’m not a robot . It’s funny . Some people don’t realize that I’m the one who’s reading and contacting them . Talk to you soon.

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