New Beginnings v. Second Chances

by Leenna

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A new season, a new chance in love. Time to consider your options and feel through to what will make you happiest.

It’s also a perfect time to heal yourself. With this in mind, I’ve pulled Power Of The Flowers cards, by Isha Lerner, for added insight and advice.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

April’s a powerful time for you. You hold all the cards to woo back an old love or renegotiate a relationship to everyone’s satisfaction. Be gentle. Avoid manipulation. Honesty brings more magic into your relationship, new or old.

New Beginnings: Reflect for a while and release what no longer works for you or causes you pain. Remember: you needn’t accept anything that doesn’t make you happy any more. Fill your cups with what you most need in your relationship. If something else is offered to you, will it really make you happy? Remember, too, that you have more than one opportunity at love. Now is the time to make only the best choices for you, your long-term happiness and joy being the goal. Long-lasting love seems easier found this way.

Look to friends for support and help. To dispel negative thoughts and falling back into old cycles,  allow yourself good company and some fun outings. You deserve it.

Second Chance: Ask yourself why you are choosing this path. While the chemistry and excitement may still be strong, are you heading for the same cycle which caused the initial separation and heart break? Perhaps more time is needed to heal past wounds and ensure the same behaviours are not repeated. Harsh words create more distress and misunderstanding, so choose words carefully. Notice how you feel if your partner speaks harshly to you. What needs to change? How will both of you contribute to this new healthy change and integrate it into your relationship? Do you feel they are as committed to this second chance as you? Be discerning in deciding how to move forward. Patience is called for. Taking things slowly but surely now may make for a more stable future.

Power Of Flowers Healing: The Fig – Isis

This card advises you to balance your masculine and feminine energies and to explore and heal your past, including past lives. Access the wisdom of your higher power through meditation. Use the self-knowledge and insight you gain wisely. Know that you can replenish and heal what you may have lost or had taken away from you. Heal yourself first. Accept your power. Only then can you help your partner heal too, and so enable both of you to move forward, whatever you decide.

Air: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

You’re looking pretty good, no matter your choice: the new beginning or the second chance. Geminis seem to have the hardest decisions to make this month, and possibly the most complicated. Aquarius and Libra may have more clear-cut ideas of what or who they want in life. Air signs know that life is good right now, but a deep love will make it better. Contentment and stability, with more spirituality and self-growth, is what you’d like to see in your love-life.

New Beginning: Logic and clear-sightedness is needed to make this new beginning work. Be fair, admit where you went wrong before and learn from your mistakes. Feeling daunted? Stick to your plan. Determination will see you through the rough spots and perseverance may win the new heart you’ve set your sights on. Or is it something else you wish to pursue first? A new job or a relocation? You’re in a great manifesting phase, so even if love is not the focus of your new beginning, it may find you anyway.

Second Chance: Some soul-searching lies this way. Do you want a soul-mate relationship? Is this a soul-mate relationship? How much effort and passion are you willing to put into this second chance? Be honest with yourself. There’s a lot of work and courage required to succeed this time. Are you in it for the long-haul? Make sure you and your partner are on the same page with similar expectations. Selfishness from either of you will trap you into the same draining cycle as before.

Power Of Flowers Healing: Manzanita – The Fertility Goddess

This card calls your attention to fertility, sensuality, and your feelings about body image. It reminds you to love and honor your body and your partner’s. It also asks you to honor your feminine spirit and your ability to create. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Birth new ideas and allow yourself to express your deepest feelings in a healthy way. Sing or dance, paint or produce pottery. A walk in nature illustrates that all forms hold beauty and grace.  

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

There’s a feeling of frustration of having to constantly battle against miscommunication and misunderstood intentions. Clear communication, and a sense the relationship must progress quickly, is what most concerns you now. So, too, is not wasting energy on situations you feel will be a loss.

New Beginning: A feeling of contentment surrounds this choice. Your focus shifts from the material to making firm long-term commitments. But you’d like to retain the sense of adventure and excitement with which all your new relationships begin. This time, you seek contracts and assurances your partner is committed to a relationship as firmly as you are. You’re prepared to fight for your beliefs and the one who most appeals to your mind and sense of humour.  Does your new love ‘get’ you and your ideas? Do you both follow the same tune, or at least listen to the same radio station? Compatibility and compromises provide you with a good compass in this love situation.

Second Chance: You have the power to transform your second chance into the beautiful soul-mate relationship you yearn for, but self-doubt causes hesitation. You seem to mistrust your intuition, perhaps rightly so. Sometimes waiting for a sign from the universe can take too long or be missed completely. If you really want this relationship to work, it may be better to speak from the heart without over-analysing what you’re saying. If your love still understands you, you’ll know you’re with your soul-mate, and can safely put your energy into healing this relationship and moving forward with confidence.

Power Of Flowers Healing: Mountain Pride – The Spiritual Warrior

This card encourages you to speak from the heart, take action, take responsibility and to follow your destiny. By walking your talk, you honor yourself as well as those around you, and draw your partner (old or new) to you. By listening to your heart and spirit, you place yourself directly on your path to destiny. For those of you yearning for your soul-mate, you may find them meeting you halfway. Ground yourself well in nature and your vital energy will increase.

Water: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Your social life, or lack of it, now impacts your love relationship greatly. Try making a change in the way you pursue or engage with potential partners. You’re holding on tightly to what is yours, whether it’s an idea or a belief, and the prospect of losing a partner over it is not as horrifying as you previously thought. You are now valuing yourself as much as you do your new or present partner.

New Beginning: Your spirituality is vitally important to you right now, so much so that you seek a new partner who is equally spiritual – even if their path differs from yours. You want to take things slowly while keeping them interesting. You value purity: purity of love, purity of thought, purity of spirit. You’re much too wise to look for perfection, but you are looking for maturity and someone who doesn’t bore you. Does your love have enough depth of character and feeling to satisfy your needs? Is your new love as mature and excited about life as you are? Can you and your love reconcile your spiritual beliefs and practices even if you don’t follow the same path?

Second Chance: You know better than to commit further to anyone who places no value on the important aspects of your life or your family’s. Communication is paramount in your thoughts. Having a partner whose native language, or core values, differ from yours is still going to prove a major challenge. How can you handle these hurdles better? Your intuition waxes and wanes. Be still, meditate and look for synchronicity to confirm you are headed the right way. How long are you willing to wait for changes or a firm commitment? What can you do to increase better communication and shared responsibility?

Power Of Flowers Healing: Zinnia – Laughing Buddha

This card encourages you to be more playful, to delight in innocence and wonder at the world around. Be childlike in the exploration of your environment. Seek and give unconditional love even if it may not be returned to you. Don’t let lethargy and boredom tie you down to old cycles. Happiness and joy grow once you realise they are not things but feelings – feelings influenced by your views and reaction to your environment. Be a little silly, laugh like a child and feel your energy shift as your heart heals.

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Leenna writes cross-genre suspense, romance and dabbles in sci-fi/fantasy. She’s been reading the tarot since 1999. Her weekday tarotscopes are featured on Lotus FM, a national radio station.

Leenna’s most unnerving experiences include: looking a red kangaroo in the eye, flipping pancakes for the first time ever in front of her class, interviewing Alan Dean Foster, and teaching a hellhound how to share a biscuit. Sometimes she writes about these and other less nerve-wracking things; sometimes she doesn’t.

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