And SHE Decided To Change: Poem

Originally Published on Kaavyarth.

…. And SHE Decided To Change Amidst her helplessness and aspirations,

She decided to change…
Those dark nights of sobbing cries leading to burning outrage,

She decided to change…
Dwindling amongst those wild prejudices & the aim of her life,

She decided to change…
Tolerating those implacable abuses and a thought of a respectful life,

She decided to change…
Amongst the orderal of dropping a scoop & joining a study troop

She decided to change…

Pressurized for marriage but the need of remaining independent

She decided to change…
When her fairytale world got crushed by the ground reality

She decided to change…
When her silences were left unnoticed rather not entertained

She decided to change…
When her dreams were thought by them that all will go in vain

She decided to change…
Her message to the world :-
It’s your loss, not mine.
You will search for me
amongst those faces, inside of
everyone you’re with…
To get a glimpse of mine.
because I am no further bound.
Free from all mundane,

It’s now, for forever..

Writing is more than an outlet for this author. Writing is a destination.  A traveler of the spirit Kaavyarth bravely writes through every emotion , experience sharing it all with the world so we may all meet at that summit She will guide you to that summit. Once you have journeyed by her side you won’t simply change. You will be resurrected. Find Everything or Nothing as you discover not only the essence of writing . You’ll discover that “Life Is You.”

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