Sin Twister and Amnesia

Sin Twister

I hear it spewed
from loud mouths
spit-slicked with the
I was born with,
“I’d see him dead before
I saw him a faggot.”
I see clenched fists
raised high,
scarred from years
of cuffs
And I will eat your young!
(but now, “Jesus!”)
After fists come down
to pummel his wife
I taste shame,
as I look upon this
table of cheaters
and whores, no better
than me.
But I am the sheep
that wears the dirty
For it is dark
and black as
Made up of all things
found on the wrong side
of the tracks.
The spot where sins
twist and dirty
souls are shaped.
Somewhere along that midnight
road, between churches
and graves,
you’ll find my stolen
and you’re welcome
to it.

© Nicole Lyons 2016


Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember
how we hurled our words,
like bottles filled with hate
smashing against the walls of
each other’s hearts, and how
we delighted in the little cuts
we made.
Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember
how we poked those little cuts,
grinding filth in deep, and how
we numbed ourselves to the taste
of our shame.
Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember how we
let our sick hearts die, and how
we watched shadows swirl and take
us both under.
Just for tonight
let’s remember how we
once loved so intensely that
together we could drive light
into the darkest
of places.

© Nicole Lyons 2016


Nicole Lyons is the creator of The Lithium Chronicles, the popular Facebook page that brings awareness to mental illness and support to those who need it. She is currently an active columnist at Feminine Collective and holds a column for the national online magazine, PsychCentral. She has been a guest contributor to the website The Mighty and The International Bipolar Foundation, among others. Nicole has been a featured writer for the OCH Literary Society, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Sidereal Catalyst. Nicole’s The Lithium Chronicles website features her own poetry and prose, as well as the work of upcoming and established artists and was added to the Mental Health Writer’s Guild in 2015. She has been nominated for two consecutive years in seven different categories for The Wego Health Activist awards, recognized for her work as a fierce mental health advocate and an advocate for others, as well as having built an exceptional online community with The Lithium Chronicles. She is a published author in both Feminine Collective’s Raw & Unfiltered VOL I and The Stigma Fighters Anthology Volume One.


Nicole is a hippie at heart with a bohemian soul who believes that the world can be changed by one random act of kindness at a time. She lives a good life in Beautiful British Columbia with her brilliant daughters and gorgeous husband. In her free time Nicole volunteers with a Canadian non-profit that focuses on suicide awareness and prevention, and is writing her first book of poetry and prose.


You can find more of Nicole’s poetry and prose on her writer page on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Sin Twister and Amnesia

  1. “a hippie at heart with a bohemian soul who believes that the world can be changed by one random act of kindness at a time.” Seems we have a lot in common. Very powerful poetry above.


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