In the Ancestors’ Woods

I didn’t expect tonight
to be one of those nights where
I was up while being buried alive.

Clutching at my throat,
red marks, heaving
while trying to catch a breath.

Yet, none-the-less, here I am
walking along the safest path.

I see the gurgling stream.
I see the minnows as they do their water dance
& I forget

about the catfish & crawfish , frogs & predators
that linger in deeper, murkier water
further down that path.

I just enjoy the moonbeams
waiting for sunrise to lay it’s warmth

to spread on my shoulders
when the sun rises.

No, tonight I want to forget all creatures,

even the unicorns ,
the mermaids,
the Monarchs,

they have to go.

Shareen Mansfield is the founder and publisher of Open Thought Vortex. She regularly rides unicorns through the dreamscape, but sometimes walks that ancestral plane in contemplation of the human condition, friendship and family. Her work has recently been published in Role Reboot, RAWr Words , The Lithium Chronicles and The Honeyed Quill where it was recognized for excellence. Her poetry continues to be “mined” , by OTV’s Editor Shawna Ainslie wherever rhyme finds its reason.

Image Credit: “Do you see me?” by OTV Artist-in-Residence Charlotte Farhan


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