Read Shareen on The Honeyed Quill

The Honeyed Quill is sister site to Open Thought Vortex Magazine. It is the blog of Editor-in-Chief Shawna Ayoub Ainslie. She was the first person to publish me after I left journalism. She read my work and found poems in our conversations. The first piece of mine she put up on her site it was recognized in Writes of Woman where I was listed with a stellar group of writers I admire.

That piece was “Compromised Field“. I always try to cover all my bases.

Another poem she published was a reflection on rape. I wrote it before I went forward with my rape story on RAWr Words. That poem, “Keep Your Devil“, has a very special meaning to me that you will be able to see when you read it.

Shawna is able to see my poems because we share more than a love of writing. We share a neurological condition called synesthesia. It means that we can understand each other when all we see are colors. I’ve never shared this connection with another person before. Shawna is the first person to understand me completely which is why she is the only person who will ever ghost write me.

I hope you will read my work on The Honeyed Quill. When you are there, look around. I’m not the only voice Shawna has featured. You will find several members of the #LinkYourLife community have been guests on her site. I will be guesting there again soon.


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