We Are Undereducated and Seem Unable to Accept Love

written by Andrew Mansfield

I’m a kid and I want to know why Kansas won’t pay teachers and why some people think it’s not okay to be homosexual.

I don’t understand. Why is it hard for people to accept love? Why do some parents not support love? What is wrong with love?

I asked my mom. She said that love is love. I agree. I also don’t think it is anyone’s business.

“We are not carbon copies” is what my mom says. She says a lot of things for hours. Literally, hours. What I think she means is that none of us are the same. She is right.

I am about to turn eleven. I think Zendya and Selena Gomez are beautiful. I can tell you I am sure I am not homosexual, but if my friends are it won’t matter. I don’t think young people should be having sex or focused on dating. I do know that my body is changing . Sometimes I’m angry for no reason. I say things that hurt people or I over react. I think about love and one day being a grown up. I want girls to like me but I want everyone to like me.

I noticed that there is a big deal about dating on shows I watch with teens in them. Not only are they doing drugs and experimenting with adult relationships, they also seem to have six packs and look like superheroes. Teen Wolf, are you really helping boys or girls out with an unreal body? What about all the other shows with kids in school? Disney and Nickelodeon, not everyone is wealthy. The TV ideas are not what kids should be focused on.

Honestly, we need to study. I hear students say they know who they should vote for as President but they don’t understand why. Shouldn’t we understand how government works? One day my mom won’t be here to drive me nuts about voting. She won’t be here to explain (for hours)  how the government works. Shouldn’t I be learning more about that in school? In 7 years I will be old enough to join the military, vote and become a legal adult.

The budget cuts in Kansas are making hard-working teachers like Mr. Schmidt struggle. He does his best, but without money he suffers. We all suffer. America can only be great if we are educated. Tolerance needs to be taught. Sex Education needs to be taught along with Anatomy and Physiology. History, Math, Social Studies, English, Arts–you name it .

Kansas, you have to pay our teachers. It’s not fair that my principal has to work two jobs to support her family. My mom does her best to support the school like many great parents. She runs a small business and so does my dad. They give beyond their taxes to make up for what teachers should already be getting. Why not increase the taxes on big businesses like tobacco? Cigarettes hurt people. Tax manufacturers more. Alcohol makers, tax them more.

I guess what I’m saying is teach us. Most importantly, teach us acceptance. Teach us to open our minds. We have to a accept that we share this earth.

Please, Kansas. Please, America. Put education at the top of your list. Help us go to college. Teach us . Pay our teachers more; don’t cut their budgets. Also–to everyone–learn about sex (with your parents or at school with their permission). Learn that acceptance of all love is, as my mom, says our way of being the change.

Andrew Mansfield is definitely not a carbon copy of his mother, Shareen Mansfield. He is a kid in Kansas who wants a decent education and for there to be more joy in the world instead of intolerance. Love is love. Love and let love.

Image credit: “Love Always Wins” captured by RecycledStarDust

We Are Undereducated and Seem Unable to Accept Love