Welcome to the Open Thought Vortex

OTV is in transition. You’ve seen us go from blog to magazine. We went from an irregular publishing schedule to monthly, themed issues. We opened our site to guests, we’ve grown #LinkYourLife and used it to increase exposure for our writers and readers alike, and now we are taking our next (r)evolutionary steps.

On the Verge is taking a new name!

I’m guessing you noticed it up there at the top of the page.

Don’t worry. We aren’t changing domains this time or even our anagram. OTV is becoming Open Thought Vortex because, really, that’s what we are. It is also a deeper reflection of our goals, growth and the work appearing on these many pages.

As Shareen says, “We are no longer on the verge. We’re off the deep end with a splash of clarity.”

What else has changed?

A few things, actually. But we will get to those in time. For now, weigh in on our new name in comments.