Meet C. Streetlights -OTV’s Voice of Reason

17227337492_6f24aab136_zThere’s a good chance C. Streetlights became part of the mafia in New York City after sympathizing with her waitress at TGIFridays and her waitress gave her a large take out bag filled with sandwiches and desserts. “The family” took care of the bill, she told C., throwing her arms around her, kissing her on both cheeks.

C. has still never returned to New York City. Not because of the mafia connection but because she hasn’t had the time.

Since then C. has earned two degrees, taught for 15 years and the retired, built a home with her husband – not by herself, they hired contractors – had two children, became a writer, and continuously chases her dog who eats Magic Clip Dolls regularly when its not eating Kleenex.

C. Streetlights can usually be found hiding behind her blinds due to her social anxiety and agoraphobia or using her label maker to organize her pantry. Strike up a conversation on Twitter about Sophia, the First or about her theory on how Olaf in Frozen is the one who should have broken the curse. If you have an idea on how to get Frankie to stop eating Kleenex, let her know on Facebook, would ya?

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