The Rhyming Dead – Richonne

Image credit: “the walking dead” by ercansebat

It’s the end of the world.
My friends are all dead.
But I’m lying here
Michonne in my bed.

My son killed my wife
Now he’s got one eye.
Yet I’m lying here
The luckiest guy.

I once killed a man
By biting his neck.
But I’m working so hard
To keep my anger in check.

Michonne’s got skills too:
She’s mad with a sword.
With ice in her veins
She took on the horde.

I’m no man of faith:
My fate is my own.
Yet when I am with her
I don’t feel so alone.

My daughter isn’t mine
But that doesn’t feel weird.
Now I’m lying here…
Hey, who’s that with the beard?

Michonne sure is tough,
Boy, she’s got some game.
But we’ll never forget
The night Jesus came!


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