Read Shareen on RAWr Words

This magazine is a safe space for everyone, especially survivors. That is one of the goals I had from the beginning. There’s a reason for that.

I am a survivor.

I recently published my survivor story on RAWr Words. I published it with OTV Editor Shawna beside me holding my hand. She offered her voice so mine wouldn’t be alone. She was there because I needed the support. Open Thought Vortex is here when you need support.

My story. . . Saying the words “abortion” and saying the word “rape”—I’ve been so scared to say them. They are triggers for me. If you’ve read my story, you understand. I don’t care why a woman has an abortion. That’s her body. 

My RAWr Words? Right there is a transcript of how Rubio’s speech on rape and abortion impacted me and is still impacting me. My choice was taken from me when I was a child, and Marco Rubio supports taking even more from me now. I’m tired of women and men and anyone else being taken advantage of, our choices removed, and then being shamed for what we had no power over. When you hurt one, you hurt all. #yesallgenders

People need to shut the fuck up.

They can’t keep hurting us and not think that it matters. It matters. I matter. You matter. We matter. 

But maybe it was my fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have cared if I was pretty. Maybe I shouldn’t have dressed nicely. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn fragrance. Maybe I shouldn’t have treated my acne or brushed my teeth.

I will no longer blame myself as I did in the above quote.

Shout it out!

Read my story. Tell your own.