Meet OTV Regular Contributor Drew Sheldon


Drew Sheldon is an upstart and rabble rouser for equal rights. This left-leaning ally is never satisfied with the status quo because the status quo doesn’t measure up. He steps on the status quo daily, thumbs his nose at it and deigns to do better, because the world deserves better and Drew is a fan of the world.

If you don’t already know Drew, thumb your nose at yourself. You are behind the times, friend. Saddle up and ride on over to his blog, then gallop back this way to revel in his ruminations On the Verge. You’ll enjoy yourself, and you’ll end up a better person. It’s the most painless path to accidental self-improvement.

When Drew isn’t dismantling the patriarchy, he spends his days sharpening quills so he will never run out of writing implements. He washes his own dishes, cooks his own food, dismantles his own deck and does his own laundry. If he were sexist, he would call himself a “Jack”-of-all-trades, but Drew is consciously compassionate. He recognizes that gender is not binary nor is it indicative of a particular skill set. Even though his preferred pronoun is “he,” Drew chooses to exercise inclusive language. Drew is a person-of-all-trades. You wish you were like him.


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Writer, coach, consultant, mother, #LinkYourLife, #SurviveYourStory.

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