The Long Sleep


The Lithium Chronicles


The Long Sleep

After Summer’s lazy sun-kissed days have become shorter and her balmy nights cooler, Autumn slowly begins to rouse. Subtly she peers out from her deepest slumber; a gentle sigh escaping her mahogany lips causes the winds to blow and turn brisk. It is time.

With a stunning grace Autumn rises. She sways with a fiery passion while consumed with power. Autumn, for a small moment in time, grants us the glorious illusion that everything she touches becomes magnificently alive.

She walks with purpose, tenderly cupping each leaf watching them turn a kaleidoscope of colours from hopeful greens to burnt oranges and sultry reds before she blows them a loving kiss and watches them drift softly to the mossy ground below. The cycle begins anew.

What an extraordinary challenge Autumn has, to be empowered with the gift to give the world one last glimpse of absolute beauty before…

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