Republicans Debate For The Right To Be Your Valentine

So Good! I am reading this out loud at dinner sitting next to some very serious Republican’s. Can they hear me ? Yes! Are they laughing? I’m not sure. Uh-oh! I might get a bone in Rib-Eye thrown at me but it will be worth it. Read this! Great job! Austen I’m going to give you a virtual rose 🌹. My husband & I thank you for the hilarious breakdown!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Republicans Debate For The Right To Be Your Valentine | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherIt’s the night before Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers, and the Republican Presidential Candidates are going to show you how much they love you.

In hopes of being your Valentine, the Republicans are getting together for an old school debate to win the right to your heart.  And your vote.

Does it get any more romantic than that?

In an election that has seen a Republican field larger than the number of contestants on The Bachelor, let’s meet the candidates who are vying to receive a rose from you…

John Kasich.  The Governor of Ohio come out of nowhere to post a surprising second place showing in the New Hampshire Primary.

Everyone loves the dreamy new guy, so this makes Special K, as I’ve dubbed him for no apparent reason, the eye candy most likely to woo undecided voters.

Sure, his name is difficult to to spell, and he had been…

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