The Legend of Appa

Written by Gabriel Ainslie, age 7

One fine morning there was this boy/brother named Noah and he… he had autism. Noah is my brother. It’s kinda different having a brother with autism. By kinda different I mean really different than lots of my friends; Noah just can’t control his feelings, and he never mostly never gets/finds peace. 

My brother gets overwhelmed a lot because of him getting anxious. I get anxious about the same things but my brother gets way more anxious than me. Like how he is afraid to leave the house because he thinks something bad might happen. So we bought him a service dog. and he named his service dog Appa.

Appa at 16 weeks.

So a few days—about 2 days—later, we brought Appa home. And he is a white poodle soooo!!! 

A few weeks—about 2 weeks—later… We sent him to Illinois  to his trainer Rex, and Appa is so so so so smart. And Rex is teaching Appa so well and Appa is learning so fast.

Gabriel and Appa cuddling on the couch.

And he is an adorable poodle. But how Appa acts with me is adorable. What he does that is adorable is if I’m hurt, he will give me kisses all over my face, which makes me feel all better. And the games he likes to play are Tag, and Follow the Leader, Chase and Fetch. 

I used to be scared of him, but now I’m not. So cute. And he has a nose that comes out that makes him look sooo!!! cute, and his ears flop down and he is sooo! Cute. I think that Appa will help us in a wonderful way. The end.

Gabriel Ainslie lives in Bloomington, IN with his mother, father, sister and brother. If you would like to support Appa’s training, you can contribute by submitting to one of the Four Paws for Noah writing competitions or donate through their GoFundMe page.