hope it’s not a cliche after all

Alexander & Boomer

Sox is such a sack
he’s such a sack laid out
gluttonous amounts of self-care
relaxation and the epitome
of self-care curled
fluid natural extensions
of visualizing happiness not
a single care in the world
…euphoric. Then you see
Boomer so in love with me

we bonded understand the power
of love seeing him adore
rushing in jealous hellish
and pure you seeing the light
seeing yeah it’s love magic
is real when a person like me
or you see the purity of love
means it’s real it’s why we live

we  -we survive why we teach
its simple hope not a cliche
hope is it? Without we couldn’t
continue. Hope is what unites
as long as we hope we speak
up we will make a difference
if we can simply pass hope on
to someone once a day or try

imagine how the effort of trying
to just bring happiness to one
person could produce unimaginable
amounts of joy to so many people
we will likely impact

Shareen Mansfield is the creator of On the Verge.

Image of Alexander and Boomer captured by Shareen Mansfield