October 17 #LinkYourLife Roundup

Hello, #LinkYourLifers! Welcome to this week’s rundown. There were so many links, you’ll have to excuse the brevity of many introductions. It was actually crazy enough I nearly resorted to pills. Shawna was in and out due to birthday celebrations (her own), so I got to be the boss hostess.


Now that Shawna’s blown out her birthday candles, let’s dive into a puddle of link love.

You May Say I’m A Dreamer  from @yadadarcyada is a great #1. I’m sure this was on  Shawna’s wishlist. Except Battling it out “Star Wars” style on my part. No reason to wish for that. Secret is out of the bag on this one. Sometimes when Shawna & I banter back and forth . . . well let’s just say we have a Captain’s Log.

The writing process is a difficult one to say the least ! Especially with no caffeine. When it all comes together there’s nothing like that feeling sweeping over you. @Legacy_Zyanthia

@NorahColvin linked-loved a “confessional”  via @geofflepard who shared his “Scandalous,” past with us. For Shame! For Shame! Here I thought Kerry Washington was the only person who could really have a Scandal! Kevin Spacey take note. 

 Also linked via @EWBAutismMom: This piece reminding us that even with great success parents gotta do what they gotta do. Straight A’s , fantastic teachers, improved communication along with a revelation I relate to. That peak when you reach your goal only to realize the work will be harder. “Mum’s The Word,” a smart choice to keep up the momentum of progress. 

@LindaHobden gave us the inside scoop on all things Shady fashionably. More than Fifty Shades I’m quite certain.

 @PlaguedParent shared from @beth_teliho and reminded me of the importance of a good editor, the most important 5 steps to remember including permission to suck & write even if it feels more like a #2 rather than a #1. Just write!

@UlaWrites shared a post with tips on character writing. I confess. I have “voices” in my head. All writing requires a great character– even a rant or a rave!

Plinked by @PlaguedParent, @ChaoticKatieP gives us a heart wrenching post about the abuse no one ever warned us about; the marks left unseen . 

@Rowena_Dreamer brought us a beautiful tour with serendipity working its magic. The writing is as vibrant as the smiles & joy in the photos.

Check out @Annecdotist’s scoop on publishing & pricing.

This particular post I’m listing as The Headliner aka Top Pick This Week. I don’t need to place it in the #1 queue position to tell you the prime example of what #LinkYourLife is about is documented in the post shared. Today, today is a day I needed to be fully grounded in understanding as much as I could specifically about this topic. This link honed in on what I needed to understand, needed to learn, needed to investigate. @NorahColvin via @EWBAutismMom 

Awesome things happened here. First was the fact that I love poetry . I have never been able to write one on purpose. What I loved was the specific blurbs of poetry included. Plus, fashionably late celebrating National Poetry Day really meant a lot to me. I wanted it to be a full week of celebrating poetry! Thank you, @SarahBrentyn!

This particular link I printed out.  The most important thing I read was the reblog share option. When I started my publication I was excited to have this feature. I’ve said this a gazillion times. I am a reader. I love sharing great content . I try to reblog the work of others as a reflection of my layers. This allows me to connect . Sometimes the connection is thought provoking . Not everything I share or write is necessarily something I agree with. This post is an example of my belief that someone said it better: @sgc58.

Soothing eye candy: Slow Fall Days  with your favorite flash fiction writer @Charli_Mills.

Flash Fiction is a challenge this author mastered. You just have to read this one. Things snowballed. I mean she broke the heel of her shoe & her phone . Murphy’s Law at its finest only to end with a smile . Thanks,  @SarahBrentyn.

Via @AllisonWaters17: That moment you realize your voice is beautiful! I’ve had this conversation many times! My voice is NOT my rant voice. That’s my dry, snarky humor well rant voice. For me it’s a role just a hat I put on to have a little fun. The devil made me do it kind of thing. If you want my voice you will have to read not what I occasionally write but the voices of those I publish. 

I’m challenging my brilliant husband to create something that speaks to me like this does. From  @stuckinscared.

@PlaguedParent linked this piece by @newworldmoms. Read it.

“Welcome to my stirring evocation. It may be a hurricane.” Quote of the day from @MisfitMtMama 

Here is another one from @yadadarcyada. If you haven’t followed this blogger yet you are missing out!  The “gifs” alone alone coupled with unique flair puts a certain bounce that carries over through the weekend. I often save this blogger for last. Like when I’m eating my favorite meal . I tend to savor my favorite morsels! Further examples include why zombies will rule and why they won’t. 

Increase your blog traffic with @LivinwithBATman I mean, who doesn’t love a party? Especially one that’s so well catered!

@JackieCioffa rendered me speechless. I don’t dare explain why I love it. I would tarnish the brilliance.

 @femininecollect embraced vulnerability written by the fabulous @JULIEANDERSON.

@lithchronicles never lets us down.

@shawnamawna shared a family recipe from our paternal grandmother in Lebanon. 

@HenriettaMRoss interesting because it wasn’t what I expected. I like these kinds of surprises. Those Hmm moments. I also hate my birthday .

@jimwilbourne talked about dirty words.

@prnancarrow The reason I follow Paula is because of the hard work invested in the success that’s clearly been earned.

Looking for more good reads? Check out these pieces by @ejfrostuk, @MrsTitbits , this piece from a shameless hussy, this inspiration by @bestowingfire, and make your own “fukkit list.” Seriously. We all need one of those. 

 @Skinnyandsingle, my evil twin who would beat me hands down in a game of Cards Against Humanity. She could probably best Daniel Tosh. 

Finally, check out this interview on The Rumpus with @karriehiggins (Shawna’s writer crush). Can’t blame Shawna for her choices.

This is nowhere near all of the amazing shares this week. Look up the hashtag on Twitter or check out #LinkYourLife Connection on Facebook for more great reading. Remember, you can share there anytime. Thank you for joining us!


13 thoughts on “October 17 #LinkYourLife Roundup

  1. First, Happy Birthday Shawna!!!
    Second, OK, I know I’m tired, but when I don’t even recognize my own name in this post the first time I read it so I guess it’s time to, I don’t know, what is it people do when they can’t sleep?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely shout-outs! I really feel like I ate chocolate (but with no calories).
    And wow, wow, wow, what awesome company to be in. I’m on the verge of being overwhelmed. Thank you kindly and I hope this week is filled with wonder. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On Friday you use the #LinkYourLife to share a post that reflects some part of You. Something you want to share . It’s more than a blog share or RT we want to know you as well as what speaks of you or to you. I like to share the work of others along with what happens On The Verge. We all read or have I treats outside of our own expression . Why not share those to form real connections? You’ll find that the company we keep is pretty great. Sometimes I share what is funny. Sometimes serious . Typically a little of everything. Once you share you read check out what others shared RT , comment etc. ..link something or several tomorrow. You’ll see us all engage not just RT. That is what makes it fun. Invite others to join by linking them . If you go to the menu on this page you’ll see the #LinkYourLife section . There are you will find the what to link etc. it’s fun. Plus, Shawna & I are different sides of a coin same currency though😁. Never RT blindly. Investigate further than the one link . You’ll find great things out there.


      1. When you link up go ahead and tag me on Twitter. I will show you around so to speak. Based on what you link I will link something I think you might enjoy or share something with you. You’ll see. It’s fun.


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