Meet Shareen Mansfield OTV Magazine’s Creator, Author and Publisher 

Hellish but not jealous.
Shareen Ayoub  Mansfield is a veritable font of information, compassion and attitude. She is a  first generation, American of Arab descent. Widely known as both an airhead and genius. She is a   Jill-of-all-trades resulting from her Lebanese heritage plus compulsion to learn everything once and learn it correctly. She has a soft side. It’s her back side. If she’s facing you and you’ve ignited the wrath of her inner dragon, duck or burn. Your choice. Aside from balancing ferocity with kindness, Shareen has been trained for Red Cross Disaster . She has helped train dogs for emotional support and Search and Rescue. She’s studied Nursing, Dietetics, Journalism, Kickboxing, cooks better than your mom, is active in her children’s school, is a runner and has a third degree black belt in the creative use of “fuck” and putting megalomaniacal narcissists in their place. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook or connect by emailing her at Shareen.Mansfield(at)

Shareen is a Social Butterfly choosing to connect with her favorite authors on all platforms . Consider her your biggest fan.

You can find her poem Compromised Field listed in The Writes Of Women and published on The Honeyed Quill.

Read her on Raising Mothers .

Terror Of Trump on Role Reboot

Her personal poem of her journey into the inferno of Hell & addiction and how it impacts the lives  of those you love , featured on OTV’s Team Wizard Raymond Baxter’s site The Relationship Blogger.

Her raw & unfiltered experience with An Eating Disorder featured Nourish Your Soul published by the prolific author of Hush by Nicole Lyons on

She is a Media Partner with as part of their #ThisIsHowSexismEnds project. Shareen & OTV will Continue to partner with them in order to support social equality , education reform and all issues including racism , albiesm, marriage equality and politics.

Her Poem “Do I Have To Tell You?”  was published on where she shares her experience with Rape & Rape Culture. 




21 thoughts on “Meet Shareen Mansfield OTV Magazine’s Creator, Author and Publisher 

  1. Black belt in the creative use of “fuck”. Fantastic! I feel like I need to be in your life now. So going to be stalking this site and all the cool things you and Shawna are up to in this writing world because 1) I love to see how good writers market themselves and others 2) I am natural curious and interested in creative funny people who swear. So glad I found you.


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