Strange World

How is everyone doing
with the incident today?
Need me
for anything?
I am here. Today
I saw pink buds on a tree
and honeysuckles.
I saw what looked like an egg
shaped stone,
Alex collects them. It wasn’t in a nest.
I picked it up. It was large
goose egg in size . I thought no way
it’s an egg it’s just in the middle of nowhere.
I was curious ,
I picked it up. Tapped it
and it was very thick,
not a normal egg I have seen.
I was sure it was a stone.
Then I tripped,
the rock I thought I was holding
was an egg.
I killed a baby goose.
I called the vet and he said
it was likely the egg was abandoned
and never going to hatch
but I feel like I killed
a beautiful creature.
I am a killer.

 By Shareen Mansfield


Are you sure it wasn’t a dragon egg?
if the yolk got on your fingers
there is a chance you will grow
tell your kids to wash their hands
unless they want body armor
but don’t say it like that
you know what i mean
tell them they might die
but in a nice way
don’t scare them
because first it’s scales
then it’s stone
i know sometimes we all want statues
for children
just be careful, okay?
it’s a strange world.

By Shawna Ayoub Ainslie


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