Painfully Yours

Thank you!
I really appreciate reading I’m
tasting metal.
The saline is worse than
upside down stomach

—I would rather
taste bile.
You made me feel
like I have nothing
to be anxious about.

Rare safety these days.

Love you!
I know comments
are not necessary.
I think it’s a two-parter.

Painfully yours,

P.S. Why can’t I lose my appetite
when my brain resets like this

6 thoughts on “Painfully Yours

  1. I am fascinating about the idea of the “brain reset”. I don’t want mine to reset. Always want to evolve. I believe that we can.


    1. I was talking about my medical condition. I don’t have a choice in the reset. Not metaphor, literal. The synaptic nerves reset and so do I. It’s a painful blessing. I believe in absolution not just evolution. Thanks for feedback, always engaging .
      Interestedly Yours~ Shareen


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