The Docks: Episode 2

“Mine Flooded her”
-eery ❤️read on

The Honeyed Quill

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I watched Helene with her parents through the celebration. They stood frozen against the heat of the blaze, statues amidst the frenzied dance of loss and life. Her parents each kept a hand on her shoulders, which now thin, though they never had before. Their concerned gazes wandered periodically from their daughter to one another. I did my best to ignore the emotional chatter the fresh bond was feeding me from Helene’s mind.

My own mother’s voice slid into my ear. “You’ve bonded.”

I tipped my head slightly in a nod, not ready to worry about the implications.

Mother offered me no judgment. “She won’t know. Don’t tell her.”

I turned to face my mother. There was no need to ask my question. The conflict in her eyes told me everything. I’d assumed bonding was a skill all women could learn, that because it…

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