Knowing Your Voice (and a Writing Prompt)

She is my editor. True story. Our writing style is different, yet, when she reads and edits my work, I receive it well because she hears me. I will be doing this. Thank you! There’s my hour lunch break and writing prompt! Go, Coach!

The Honeyed Quill

I was recently asked ifwe (writers) can change our voice by writing in a different style.

I answered by saying, “Your voice is different from your companions’ voices. If you can hear the difference, you can write the difference.”

Certainly, you would use a different approach when writing a medical document than a prose poem. It follows that a writer might change voices frequently. I am told my voice is very strong and identifiable across genres, but that I have a “soft” voice, a “teacher”voice, a “mommy” voice and an “angry” voice, all of which I use to different ends. The way I employ those voices in and across genres is what determines my writing style, which is also subject to change. After all, I am a work in progress.

Further, ask around and you will discover that the best editors are the ones who merge their edits seamlessly within…

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