Read Shareen on Role Reboot

#MondayBlogs #LinkYourLife #ShareInspireConquer Remember that people far braver folks than I could EVER even wish to be lost their lives or suffer the trauma of war to secure the liberties of freedom. Remember those who died all around the world because of rhetoric. Trump is using to divide us with rhetoric. He will leads us to war with no diplomatic relations to sustain us.

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Rip Out Your Vocal Cords: An Open Letter to the Mother Who Won’t Grow Up

Enough is enough. Stop being the reason why men think women are deceitful. You have tried to manipulate so many people. I can’t be one of them. You make good women and single mom’s look bad. You are the bad apple. If you say “I just can’t!” one more time, I may have to rip out your vocal cords.

A final thought, You are a MotherDick.

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How Art Brings Me Joy

Art brings me joy because it allows for me to feel every emotion I need to feel – ultimately creating resolve; which in turn permits me to feel happiness when it is in fact being felt. Art – the window into the artist’s emotions, allowing us to see what a tree is to you, what […]

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Meet OTV Artist-in-Residence Charlotte Farhan

Open Thought Vortex is happy to announce Charlotte Farhan as our Artist-in-Residence for the summer of 2016. Charlotte is internationally recognized as an artistic ally. She runs the non-profit Art Saves Lives International Magazine which seeks out and promotes artists whose work raises awareness for such topics as mental health, domestic violence and survival. Charlotte […]

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Review: Liquid Matte Lipstick

by Sarah Ayoub In the Ten Commandments of Slaying, I am quite positive that wearing lipstick falls in the top five. I mean seriously, naked lips and nude lips are not the same thing, ever. At all.  How do I fearlessly enter the world with bold colors on my lips? I wear liquid matte lipstick, […]

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Tiny Penis Syndrome

I’ve never been bothered with body image. I’ve been lucky when the powers that be were dishing out bodies. I’m 6ft 2″, with green eyes and dark hair. And I have a strrrrrong Scottish accent (I roll my “r’s” too! Yup, I do!) I didn’t even know men had a problem with weight until fairly […]

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30 Flash Fiction Writing Competitions With Cash Prizes

Originally posted on Sacha Black:
There are more short story competitions than words I’ve written. And I’ve written a shit load of words. But finding a FLASH fiction comp (under 1000 words) is a bit of a rarity, so when I do find one, I get a bit giddy. But lately, I’ve had to weep…

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Where is the Love? Learning and Love in America .

written by Andrew Mansfield I’m a kid and I want to know why Kansas won’t pay teachers and why some people think it’s not okay to be homosexual. I don’t understand. Why is it hard for people to accept love? Why do some parents not support love? What is wrong with love? I asked my […]

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Why the Problem with Having Kids Isn’t the Kids

Before I had a son, any number of well-meaning parents told me, “DO IT ALL NOW!  Once you have kids you’ll NEVER have time for yourself.”  This refrain turns into a thundering cacophony once you are actually pregnant, but now it also includes the line, “Sleep now, because once your child is born you will […]

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