Happy (Hateful) Anniversary

Instead it is my anger that sparks, and I who burns
on this mountainous bonfire of regret
as, finally, I realize it was I who never amounted

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Between The Stand That Deep-Fries Twinkies and The One That Roasts Corn On The Cob

By Joshua Swainston Billy shouts an Earthquake Burger order over the rain-rattled rooftops of concession stand trailers. Midway diversions award a caricature plush animal to eight-year-old Aiden for shooting water into a clown mouth. The Tilt-a-whirl’s rose, lemon, seaweed, and blueberry tinted lights revolve to classic rock that Jennifer keeps humming. 4-H’s livestock mud cakes […]

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What & Why: The Reasons for #BroTalk

It’s not easy being a boy in today’s world. Every day, we’re bombarded by expectations and demands that, sometimes, seem to be more than any one person can handle. And if one of us deviates from society’s ancient and rigid roles we become outcasts, ostracized from the rest of our peers, all because we made the mistake of accepting our differences.

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Share If You Agree, Ignore If You Agree

Hello my name is Meghan, I’m a recovering Facebook addict. (Hello, Meghan! you say). But I wasn’t always this way! My journey is as long as… as a rant about the DNC posted by someone you haven’t spoken to since college. Let me start at the beginning. Back when Facebook required an “.edu” address to […]

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Reimagining Self-Care as Activism in the New World Order

By Stacia M. Fleegal I’m going to attempt to coin a phrase here: active self-care. If you’re like me, you are deeply unsettled, if not outright horrified and afraid, about America’s political climate. If you’re like me, you want to help; but in the face of such relentless and pervasive ignorance, have wondered, how can […]

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The Maladroit Musings of DJT

By Sean J Mahoney WHEN DJT EMBRACED HIMSELF AS A MUSLIM It wasn’t as though DJT got dissected and caged – ‘cuz he did. It wasn’t as if DJT’s immigrant family tree was free of sometimes sordid green card stories – ‘cuz it wasn’t. It was, in fact, a problem with the soup. Or perhaps […]

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Lonely Fruit

First, let me say how deeply touched I’ve been by all the support I’ve received regarding my announcement that, contrary to the rumors circulating on the internet, I will not be reading my inaugural poem at the anticipated unpleasantness in DC on January 20th. While I have always tried to be a poet for all […]

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Campus Sexual Violence, Misinformation, and Mismanagement

Trigger Warning/Content Note: As the title suggests, this essay and the associated videos and links discuss sexual violence on U.S. college/university campuses. Please exercise self-care when choosing to read this essay. The word “rape” is used in many places in the essay rather than “sexual violence” to denote that the laws as they currently exist […]

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My Grown-Up Wish List

By Robert “The Hook” Hookey (TW) Okay, so I recognize there are two glaring issues with this post right off the bat: One, the holiday season has passed. (Though my neighbor still has his lights up. Then again, he never takes them down.) Also, there are no circumstances under which I qualify as a grown-up. […]

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