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F*ck Your Guns, Don’t Tell Us We Can’t Be Angry

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I have had enough of the shallow condolences of spineless politicians, parading their thoughts and prayers for the country to see, yet who do nothing to effect change and protect our children. These men and women prostitute themselves to the gun industry for millions of dollars so that they can sit comfortably in their ivory towers while sacrificing the safety of our priceless children, only to enrich the gun lobby

In Kellyanne’s Kitchen

By James W. Gaynor Hello, Human Inhabitants of Planet Earth! I’m Kellyanne’s microwave, contacting you via your laptop (the device with a camera function you actually know about). Ms. Conway’s other kitchen appliances have appointed me their spokesmachine — although the toaster oven, after consultation with Justice Kagan’s MixMaster, would like to make it clear …

High-Heeled Haikus

By James W. Gaynor The Inner Musings of Ivanka™, Melania™, and Tiffany™ Trump™ Valentine’s Day chezTrump, like any typical American mega-brand / conglomerate / family has its particular winding search for love, its own silences and unspoken pain.  And possibly some chocolate. In the Land of Trump, love may be blind, but trusts are not. …


I don’t think anyone could debate me when I say that Donald Trump’s performance at Monday’s debate was… a hot mess? Are the kids still saying “hot mess?” I hope so, because that’s what he was. He bragged about not paying his taxes, whined that American airports are not as nice as the airports in …