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“Mom, voices keep telling me to kill myself.” Schizophrenia the truth about Mental Health and the innocents left behind

By Shiloe ShoeMaker & familyEdited By Shawna Ayoub Ainslie #SurviveYourStory “Unbreakable Bond” “Mom, voices keep telling me to kill myself…” the first words that hit me in the gut and screamed that something was seriously wrong. I always knew as she was growing up things weren’t always ‘right’. Unusual fits, endless crying, maintaining below average …

OTVMagazine Submission Policy and Guidelines

May I…?
What if you could ask one thing of the Universe, your spouse, a friend, your neighbor, even yourself? May I have your ear because I need you to hear this? May I have your heart because I want you to feel this? Or may I simply have a moment of your time because life spins fast and I feel dizzy? Let May be your permission slip to ask an important question, muse on a curious topic or make a statement of any kind.

You Need to Fly :A Poem by Shareen Mansfield

Open your wings
into a cloud
clouds are cotton
candy unicorns run wild
mermaids fall from the sky
tiny magical lifeforms
that grow into the coral reef
they are
artist caretakers
making the reef a sacred place
Gold flickers.
Pearls shimmer

Why I created greeting cards to celebrate gender transitions

By Jade Sylvan Coming-of-age, graduation, marriage, new babies, new jobs, new homes – you can go into a drug store right now and find a panoply of greeting cards to congratulate someone you care about on any of these major life transitions. I went through a phase of dismissing greeting cards as mass-produced schmaltz or …

Go Ahead Call Me Crazy At Your Own Peril

By Meghan Sara What Does Crazy Even Mean Anymore? Crazy: I hate the word. What does it even MEAN? Madness? Lunacy? Mentally ill? …Quirky? Unpredictable? Unpopular? I hate it so much I feel like I’m being driven to madness! “Crazy ” has gotten so diluted in our world that it’s basically the catch-all term for …

The Very First Time–can anything ever be as great?

But there’s also something amazing about the way she experiences everything for the first time: like, being on land! Having legs! How she preens & poses in that torn sail, because it’s her first outfit! And who can forget the moment she sees a fork in the wild for the first time? Delight!

New Beginnings v. Second Chances

by Leenna *For entertainment purposes only April Tarotscopes on OTV A new season, a new chance in love. Time to consider your options and feel through to what will make you happiest. It’s also a perfect time to heal yourself. With this in mind, I’ve pulled Power Of The Flowers cards, by Isha Lerner, for …

For the Love of Reading

By Norah Colvin A love of reading is caught not taught and is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child. Why is reading so important? We live in a print-rich environment, and are confronted by print in some form at almost every waking moment. It might, therefore, seem unnecessary to state …

It’s Okay to Feel Those Feels (and Admit You Feel Them) #BroTalk

A few months back I sat down to watch a couple episodes of Amazon’s Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and ended up binging the entire series by Monday night. Why, you might ask, am I telling you about one of the best shows ever? No, this isn’t a review – I wrote one of …

Wedding at Haystack Rock

by Leah Mueller Evening ceremony, pebble sand inauspiciously littered with the bodies of dead seagulls. You in billowing shirt and black pants: me in pink lace dress, both velvet. In the distance kids play in the sand with long sticks. You are not their father, any more than I had one. Husband you understand, not …

The Spike 0.3_unrequited

By LR Fletcher Sophie hesitates just inside the bar’s entrance, unsure how she’ll recognise her date. She hasn’t seen Ashton since they were eight, and his Facebook profile photo was less than helpful – she couldn’t even tell which of the three awkwardly-posing graduates was him. But, going on what her mum said, he should …

To Russia, With Love: Single Malt Haikus

The Inner Musings of Steve Bannon   By James W. Gaynor   In fourth grade no one Would sit next to me at lunch. Not a lot has changed.   According to Vlad Bloody Marys require Fresh human plasma.   POTUS is nuts and Armageddon is taking More time than I thought.   Nobody knows …

Love Has Many Depths

I think I understand a bit more about love than I did 25 years ago. At first, for me, I loved my Mum; she provided for me, gave me kisses when I needed attention and was there for me always. I didn’t know that it was love, but she was the only constant I had …

Expanding Our Love Definitions

Does heartbreak and loss make you think you will never love again or does it propel you right back into the game? We are taught that love looks a certain way, that we can only have one “great” love, one soulmate, that romantic-sexual love “completes” us, and that we must obtain it by any means …

High-Heeled Haikus

By James W. Gaynor The Inner Musings of Ivanka™, Melania™, and Tiffany™ Trump™ Valentine’s Day chezTrump, like any typical American mega-brand / conglomerate / family has its particular winding search for love, its own silences and unspoken pain.  And possibly some chocolate. In the Land of Trump, love may be blind, but trusts are not. …

Love Languages? Screw It.

Youse all know about Love Languages, right? According to Wikipedia, The Five Love Languages is a book by Gary Chapman, outlining the five universal ways that people give and receive love in romantic relationships. According to Oprah Winfrey’s wardrobe stylist, The Five Love Languages will change your life. When I first heard “love languages” I was like, now you’re …

The Thin Line Between Love & Valentine’s Day

By Thomas Hocknell For anyone with admirers and insatiable appetite for chocolates and flowers, it’s your time of year again. Anyone without an admirer in their life on Valentine’s Day should either buy one, or read this post. What is it about the 14th February that redefines how we express our love for one another? Overnight, a …

Never thought Again

By John Reinhart Never thought Again would never leave – Again thought Never leaving was inevitable. They lived so forever, proving once again that you can never underestimate fatalism. Now and Then met casually with Off and On for years. The couples eventually separated into two new relationships: Now Off, Then On, as if we …

Learning the Language

By Melinda Bailey At eleven months, she still had the cleft—wide enough to cover the roof of her mouth. “That’s a very small cleft,” the surgeon said but when he saw the look on the feeding specialist’s face, he looked again. “I take that back. That’s the largest cleft I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know …

A Message from the Heart of OTV Magazine

It should be no surprise that the theme for February is Love.  When I launched OTV my intent was to connect with authors and readers of all genres who, like myself, needed to remember they were not alone in the world. OTV is, as I have written many times, an extension of me. It is …

Why I Like (LOVE) Life!

LOVE recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope.  ~Maya Angelou Before I built a wall I’d ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, And to whom I was like to give offence. Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, …

Neither Selfish or Selfless – Only Loving

Selfishness is wrong and right. In America, this is what we learn from a young age. Go to a church to find a healthy dose of selflessness. Then read Ayn Rand to find selfishness recommended.
So on the one hand, I should appear to be Mother Theresa. On the other, I’m meant to let the weak die and strong survive. It’s best to be strong. I should do my best to earn as much value as I can, pay lip service to charity, and secure well past the American Dream.
Since I’m a woman, I get to do this while smiling and wearing heels.