Ain’t Life Grand: Family Celebrates Everything 

Everyone has stories related to family celebrations.
You know the ones–they get told repeatedly, whether we like it or not #BeWOW #WWWBlogs #ReadWomen #Family

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Halcyon Summer Days & Lessons Learned

This grew from who we were allowed to play with to where she ultimately spent her career as a teacher. She refused to teach in our all white neighborhood and instead taught in a south urban Phoenix area, where she believed she could truly make a difference in young people’s lives. And she did indeed.

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We Contain Multitudes

By Lisa A. Listwa When we start a conversation about heritage, it is easy and natural to jump to topics like researching ancestry registries, or passing along holiday traditions, family heirlooms, and recipes. It is logical to talk about cultural history and ethnic background. But what is heritage, really? And how are we connected to […]

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This is When I Thank Her For More Than Christmas

CStreetlights Empowering Women Christmas

It’s the middle of March so naturally I will write about Christmas when I was growing up. Like many, I had a complicated childhood but if I had to choose one area where my mother showed the most resiliency in her relationship with my father, it was as she prepared for Christmas. The dynamics between […]

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Welcome to the Table: August/Sept Letter from the Editor

I can’t think of a better way to close out the family-themed month than to thank the OTV readership. You are an incredible, supportive group who have come together voluntarily to create the best kind of family-one that thrives beyond blood and obligation. As to the artists, this theme was so profound it surpassed its […]

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Ain’t No Half Steppin’

Aunt Thomassina, I don’t know how you convinced me to come on this family reunion cruise … A boat full of Black folks headed for the Caribbean—hasn’t historically been a good look. What can I say? Marronage to mariners, the Tubmans have come a long way. And, my, how much farther we still have left to go […]

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Dystopian Family Portrait

by Charlotte Farhan Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn’t know if she was good enough to be loved, she tried with all her might to be noticed – making adults laugh, being as well behaved as possible and by pretending to be whatever was needed, just for that feeling of […]

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Compromised Field

That’s the color I’m seeing.
You are not anxious.
You are full on
You have no middle ground—
If you speak
and don’t get it exactly right
the blowback
will be fast,
and from every angle.

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