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Earth Sputters a Love Letter

I want to hold you. Figuratively, of course. Now is not the time for misappropriation of language and/or double entendres (CK, Weinstein, Moore, Franken, Spacey, etc.). The surface is rightfully crumbling regarding assault and abuse of trust, misuse of power. But we are talking about a different type of personal defect here right now

Our First Meal

By Alexis Kent The mountain air had not yet submitted to spring, so we left our cottage on foot layered in sleeves, fleece vests, and scarves. We shared the narrow black concrete road with vehicles, although none came as we walked. We trudged along, my father, mother, sister, and I, descending a small hill then …

Recalling the Feast

By Gretchen M. Michelfeld I firmly remember the Wednesday evening eggnog. Did we actually transport all of the ingredients in our little Volkswagen Rabbit which faithfully put-putted us deep into the woods of rural Pennsylvania for the annual Thanksgiving feast? Were the ingredients already there, (Cream. Nutmeg. Egg white. Crazy amounts of bourbon and rum.) waiting …