Xenia: A Nonfiction Piece With An Unreliable Narrator By Emily Perkins

I spent days in the sun
picking strawberries.
Why did I do this?
The sun was uncomfortably hot,
and I have never liked strawbe

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Where is the Love? Learning and Love in America .

written by Andrew Mansfield I’m a kid and I want to know why Kansas won’t pay teachers and why some people think it’s not okay to be homosexual. I don’t understand. Why is it hard for people to accept love? Why do some parents not support love? What is wrong with love? I asked my […]

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The Legend of Appa

Written by Gabriel Ainslie, age 7 One fine morning there was this boy/brother named Noah and he… he had autism. Noah is my brother. It’s kinda different having a brother with autism. By kinda different I mean really different than lots of my friends; Noah just can’t control his feelings, and he never mostly never […]

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Two Poems by Noah Ainslie

  Broken Sad creation happened love broken forever it was dead it felt like there was a knife in my neck I couldn’t breathe drowned in the tears of the orphans I drank it I felt angry and now all I drink are the tears of the orphans. Death Down in the darkness grounded under […]

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