HELL: A Journey Into The Inferno of Addiction and Recovery

Addiction is a live thing.
It breathes through you,
survives through you
draining you
like a parasite.

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An Aging View of Diversity

By Raymond Baxter Isn’t it funny that most people remember their childhood days with rose tinted glasses? Those who haven’t had a terrible one, that is. I often remember 1980’s Scotland as a bustling metropolis of harmonious multiculturism and friendship. Where people would go out of their way to help their fellow neighbours, and it […]

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I am a Born-Again Survivor

By Raymond Baxter I am a born-again survivor When western people get asked about resurrection I’m betting the first thing they think of would be Christ dying on the Cross; timely that I’m writing about this at Easter. See, I was raised (in school) as very Roman Catholic, and people are often surprised that I […]

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Why men don’t listen, but you’re winning ladies.

We aren’t very respectful to women, us men. I’ve sat for almost two years inside the heart of a raw group of women writers and I’ve learned, deeply, that all they want is for us to listen to them. I read their charring stories about abuse, I watch in awe as they put forth into […]

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Why I Didn’t Celebrate the New Year

I haven’t celebrated New Year in almost six years now, and this is the first year I actually considered going to bed early. It’s strange because I’m Scottish and Hogmanay is a HUGE event in Scotland. Most of us make our own way to Edinburgh with our friends and celebrate it in the best way […]

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Sins of the Father

It’s hard when we talk about our parents. They are supposed to set an example for us, teach us our direction in life, set the tone for the life we will live out the rest of our days. If you’re lucky enough to have exemplary parents like my wife did, and live a fairly normal childhood […]

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Part 3 – Witnessing domestic violence at home

  Part 3: (trigger warning) Having gone through that first bout of violence was a shock to me. It’s something I hadn’t witnessed in my entire life. Violence of such ferocity. I mean, my Dad…he was emotionally abusive but never overtly physically violent. So this was new to me. In truth I thought it was […]

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The Relationships Column: Witnessing Domestic Violence in My Home Part 2

TW: domestic violence The second part of my story begins in the latter half of winter in February 2006. We were settling into our new home, and being the alcohol enthusiasts that we were, most days often involved drinking at home or at the pub. It was easy to find us; If we weren’t at home, we […]

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The Relationships Column: Witnessing Domestic Violence in My Home

I would have never imagined it could happen to me in a million years. I see it in the news and the papers. I see it happen all around me. But never to me. I’m too strong for that. People would never get away with such things if I were around. Never. I’d never let abuse go on […]

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My Marriage Survived Pornography Addiction

Content Warning: sexual descriptions may be triggering to some readers. I’m going to shove this right out there now. To save you guessing, or to save you reading behind the lines. I was addicted to porn around ten years ago. It was like any addiction as soon as I engaged with it, the rush of […]

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