Every Day of My Life: A Poem By Michael Estabrook 

I’m standing here talking to you.”
I’ve known exactly how he felt
every day of my life
My heart is so full

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Snapshot: A Poem by Susan G. Duncan 

you were already the man we’ll come to know

standing when the rest of us fell

shouldering more than you should

finally, futilely

swinging for the fences.

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Self-Portrait at 18 and Deep Light

By Charlotte Chadwick Self-Portrait at 18:  I was secret and becoming wolfish   1. I walk on the beach and the breeze slaps my face and as usual I talk to you and I almost hear you respond   I have so many questions unspeakable frozen hot all the small details you have so far […]

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So Many Stars

We looked up at our real stars from within her song,
not stoned, too young to drink even,
interlacing fingers, my arm inside of yours,
and you pressed against me like a drug, my drug, and
the mental image of the above shutter-clicked for my lifetime

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Happy (Hateful) Anniversary

Instead it is my anger that sparks, and I who burns
on this mountainous bonfire of regret
as, finally, I realize it was I who never amounted

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Song to the Ruins of America

By Daniel de Cullá With the Glyn Ford’ eyes: “Fascist Europe–The Rise of Racism and Xenophobia” I see with horror how from an American country to another Racism and Xenophobia are cultivated in its fields Inspecting the growth of fascism and its relationship With the capitalist families’ domain As Daniel Guerin saw in his “Fascism […]

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Emily Dickinson Kills a Mouse

By James W. Gaynor Readers of OTV already know about the unexpected star quality of Emily Dickinson Gaynor, the small dog who defended a wronged woman and child, protected me and delivered righteous justice to the evildoer (When the Dog Bites).  As a result of that article’s popularity, Emily now gets fan mail (c/o nemetonpress@gmail.com) […]

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Photo Album

by Aaminah Shakur Somewhere there is a photo Of my mother and father I’m told I look just exactly like her Only she was darker My mother who was Indigenous and Black On her father’s side Indigenous and Scots-Irish On her mother’s side My brother said our aunt showed it to him It is her […]

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I Am

#FridayReads #Family

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