So Many Stars

We looked up at our real stars from within her song,
not stoned, too young to drink even,
interlacing fingers, my arm inside of yours,
and you pressed against me like a drug, my drug, and
the mental image of the above shutter-clicked for my lifetime

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Existence in Metals – A History

By Glenn A. Bruce I am.  I exist and I am connected to my past and the pasts of others. There are ways to confirm this. I was born in 1952, in Miami, Florida; but according to my favorite uncle’s second wife Gerta, I was conceived in Seaside, Oregon, “In this bed,” as she pointed out […]

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I Am

#FridayReads #Family

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#NoWall Between the Past and the Future

By Lisa Amaya One of my Grandpa Fernando’s proudest moments in life was joining the United States Army in 1954. He knew he wanted to join when he was still an ROTC student at Thomas Jefferson High School in central El Paso, Texas. El Paso is a border town 45 minutes away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico. […]

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Resurrection and Moving On

By Janet Reed Resurrection What was I thinking watering the petunias after the air hardened, the days heavy with pumpkins? Summer’s sweet fruit, spring’s easy blooms weeks gone, yet the old strumpets stayed on — splashes of red lipstick still kissing their puckered mouths. I didn’t see the wolf spider until its maze of spun […]

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Looking Down a Barrel

By Tim Clark For a time I worked as a construction laborer.  It was taxing work, but it had some pleasant moments. Once we built a basement out by the river running past the town where I lived. It was a secluded, beautiful spot. Surrounded by trees and close enough you could hear the water running, […]

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When DJT was Crippled

By Sean J Mahoney   When DJT was crippled he spent many mornings and afternoons alone at school and not of choice. DJT needed familiarity and friendship and functionality. He had none of these things. He had himself and his impairment. When DJT was crippled he talked often to himself. He successfully convinced himself that […]

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It’s Okay to Feel Those Feels (and Admit You Feel Them) #BroTalk

A few months back I sat down to watch a couple episodes of Amazon’s Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and ended up binging the entire series by Monday night. Why, you might ask, am I telling you about one of the best shows ever? No, this isn’t a review – I wrote one of […]

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Love Has Many Depths

I think I understand a bit more about love than I did 25 years ago. At first, for me, I loved my Mum; she provided for me, gave me kisses when I needed attention and was there for me always. I didn’t know that it was love, but she was the only constant I had […]

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The Thin Line Between Love & Valentine’s Day

By Thomas Hocknell For anyone with admirers and insatiable appetite for chocolates and flowers, it’s your time of year again. Anyone without an admirer in their life on Valentine’s Day should either buy one, or read this post. What is it about the 14th February that redefines how we express our love for one another? Overnight, a […]

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