So Many Stars

We looked up at our real stars from within her song,
not stoned, too young to drink even,
interlacing fingers, my arm inside of yours,
and you pressed against me like a drug, my drug, and
the mental image of the above shutter-clicked for my lifetime

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Halcyon Summer Days & Lessons Learned

This grew from who we were allowed to play with to where she ultimately spent her career as a teacher. She refused to teach in our all white neighborhood and instead taught in a south urban Phoenix area, where she believed she could truly make a difference in young people’s lives. And she did indeed.

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#NoWall Between the Past and the Future

By Lisa Amaya One of my Grandpa Fernando’s proudest moments in life was joining the United States Army in 1954. He knew he wanted to join when he was still an ROTC student at Thomas Jefferson High School in central El Paso, Texas. El Paso is a border town 45 minutes away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico. […]

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When DJT was Crippled

By Sean J Mahoney   When DJT was crippled he spent many mornings and afternoons alone at school and not of choice. DJT needed familiarity and friendship and functionality. He had none of these things. He had himself and his impairment. When DJT was crippled he talked often to himself. He successfully convinced himself that […]

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A Message from the Heart of OTV Magazine

It should be no surprise that the theme for February is Love.  When I launched OTV my intent was to connect with authors and readers of all genres who, like myself, needed to remember they were not alone in the world. OTV is, as I have written many times, an extension of me. It is […]

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Compromised Field

That’s the color I’m seeing.
You are not anxious.
You are full on
You have no middle ground—
If you speak
and don’t get it exactly right
the blowback
will be fast,
and from every angle.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: The Emergency Prompt Roundup

Content warning: rape and abortion I’m not really sure why but these roundups always make me think of a lasso, cowboy hats, ponies & a ride into the sunset. Anyhow, this goofy lead should reassure you that I’m either okay or I’m still medicated. The correct answer is just 😉. You came together when I was […]

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A #WeekendCoffeeShare from the Publisher: July Faith Issue

While I’ll never fully disclose every aspect of my life. I’ll never tell my entire story because that story is ever-changing, I am not done. There is so much more of me to share. But OTV is not about me. That’s why you’ll find me publishing my deeper writing on several other sites this year. I need to make sure that this remains a place for others to come together. I had a writing career. I already accomplished what I set out to do years ago. Now it is time for me be the student.

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Read Shareen on Role Reboot: An Open Letter to Donald J Trump 

#MondayBlogs #LinkYourLife #ShareInspireConquer Remember that people far braver folks than I could EVER even wish to be lost their lives or suffer the trauma of war to secure the liberties of freedom. Remember those who died all around the world because of rhetoric. Trump is using to divide us with rhetoric. He will leads us to war with no diplomatic relations to sustain us.

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