While I’ll never fully disclose every aspect of my life. I’ll never tell my entire story because that story is ever-changing, I am not done. There is so much more of me to share. But OTV is not about me. That’s why you’ll find me publishing my deeper writing on several other sites this year. I need to make sure that this remains a place for others to come together. I had a writing career. I already accomplished what I set out to do years ago. Now it is time for me be the student.

#MondayBlogs #LinkYourLife #ShareInspireConquer Remember that people far braver folks than I could EVER even wish to be lost their lives or suffer the trauma of war to secure the liberties of freedom. Remember those who died all around the world because of rhetoric. Trump is using to divide us with rhetoric. He will leads us to war with no diplomatic relations to sustain us.