Celebrating Motherhood: Essay by Lisa Amaya

By Lisa Amaya Some want to live what I call ‘the typical life.’ To me, this means getting a job, marrying someone you love, having children and making beautiful memories together. My life has only sort of fallen into this category. After graduating from college at 23, I worked as an education reporter at a daily […]

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The Most Important Lesson

One of the most important lessons a good teacher teaches, beyond the subject matter, is how to live a moment or a year of moments

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Snapshot: A Poem by Susan G. Duncan 

you were already the man we’ll come to know

standing when the rest of us fell

shouldering more than you should

finally, futilely

swinging for the fences.

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Summer of ’85: When You Look Up…

…you should see something brighter than stars By Sean J Mahoney 1. “One headline why believe it?” So Somalia was in the news recently and nothing reported had to do with pirates. It did instead have to do with drought and famine. And around the same time as the Somalia story, news broke of a […]

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Self-Portrait at 18 and Deep Light

By Charlotte Chadwick Self-Portrait at 18:  I was secret and becoming wolfish   1. I walk on the beach and the breeze slaps my face and as usual I talk to you and I almost hear you respond   I have so many questions unspeakable frozen hot all the small details you have so far […]

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So Many Stars

We looked up at our real stars from within her song,
not stoned, too young to drink even,
interlacing fingers, my arm inside of yours,
and you pressed against me like a drug, my drug, and
the mental image of the above shutter-clicked for my lifetime

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Halcyon Summer Days & Lessons Learned

This grew from who we were allowed to play with to where she ultimately spent her career as a teacher. She refused to teach in our all white neighborhood and instead taught in a south urban Phoenix area, where she believed she could truly make a difference in young people’s lives. And she did indeed.

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