About Open Thought Vortex

Open Thought Vortex gives voice to what is either not often said or not often heard, from established voices or the very new, all ages, all peoples, all genders. If it pushes a boundary, it belongs here. If you would like to see your work featured on this site, please visit our submissions page and proceed divinely.

A little about the OTV creator:

Hellish but not jealous.

Shareen Mansfield is a veritable font of information, compassion and attitude. She is a self-diagnosed first generation, Arab-American, Jill-of-all-trades resulting from her Lebanese heritage plus compulsion to learn everything once and learn it correctly. She has a soft side. It’s her back side, which is fortunate because she has trouble staying upright.

If she’s facing you and you’ve ignited the wrath of her inner dragon, duck or burn. Your choice. Aside from balancing ferocity with kindness (and being otherwise magnificently imbalanced), Shareen has trained dogs for emotional support and Search and Rescue and rescued dogs while running and given them mouth-to-mouth. True story. She’s studied Nursing, Dietetics, Journalism, Kickboxing, cooks better than your mom, is active in her children’s school, is a runner and has a third degree black belt in the creative use of “fuck” and putting megalomaniacal narcissists in their place.

Shareen has a bed on reserve in her local ER. You can find her there every odd-numbered day being patched back together by a doctor with a “hello, pretty lady” vibe. On even-numbered days, you can find Shareen on Twitter, Facebook or connect by emailing Shareen.Mansfield@Icloud.com



62 thoughts on “About Open Thought Vortex

    1. I look forward to blind judging 😁. Your support will be tremendous! I have lots of wonderful prizes in store . Will reveal a bit each week as we go . Be sure to participate in the polls on Twitter as my prizes will be narrowed down this way. I’m happy you found me as well . More than anything I’m happy Charli Mills is so wonderful! I love her & all she does. So many great things come by way of Charli!

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      1. I’ll pop over to Twitter and will definitely follow along there as well!

        YES! Charli is absolutely amazing. I adore her and her writing and have met so many wonderful fellow writers and bloggers through Carrot Ranch 🙂

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    1. I followed you. Absolutely I will be back. Join us this Friday with #LinkYourLIfe Lots of heavy hitters and amazing posts shared. Plus, it is fun. Check out the #LinkYourLife menu button, select the one that tells you about how to join the club. Here is a link:
      #LinkYourLife You’re Invited! http://wp.me/p5BDwD-n2

      I try to invite two or three people I have been reading for awhile. Would love to introduce you to so many wonderful writers. It is a safe bet you will enjoy their work as well.

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    1. Lol. What’s so funny is I mostly have a soft side. When I don’t it’s a catastrophic event. Thank you! This bio was a gift for my birthday. Shawna is the unique. She completes me when we write together it’s always fun. This was a temper tantrum moment. My original bio said I’m a zygote. Eventually I’ll be born. She wanted me to write a bio but I had a hissy fit. I have many sides & she captured the most important part. Fun! We talk about serious issues here otvmagazine.com –we choose to be happy. Everyone should! Thank you for reading! Thank you for commenting ! Lots of love !


    1. Lol! I didn’t write that. My editor Shawna Ainslie did. I’m actually the publisher & this is a magazine now. We just converted to that in January. There are many great writers otvmagazine.com. ..you’ll find some powerful & funny writing there. The bio is 100% accurate. Shawna wrote that as my birthday gift after asking me a series of questions. She nailed it.


    1. Shawna Ainslie is amazing with bios especially when she quoted me . I had no idea she was interviewing me for my bio so I responded like the smart ass I am & then she puts it in third person & I laughed. Best birthday gift ever!


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