Meet Rica Lewis, OTV’s Mindful Living Guru

Rica Lewis is a yoga enthusiast and writer/editor. She’s basically a flexible word nerd.

Her two favorite places to be are at the keyboard and on her mat. Yoga and writing help her make sense of this crazy life, sort out the clutter in her soul, and channel her energy into positive art. Thanks to both practices, Rica is not a criminal, everyday asshole, or cat collecting spinster.

In 2009, Rica began freelance writing for media companies and private clients. Health content became her niche, as a result of her previous career in healthcare. For many years, Rica was the go-to expert on hemorrhoid creams, the best exercises for saddlebags and similarly stimulating topics that she was assigned to write about daily. She spent those years honing her craft and becoming a master at making dull content sparkle and shine. Her portfolio expanded, and Rica began taking on high-end clients and more respectable writing gigs. Her skills paid the bills, but the novelty of working from home and wearing yoga pants 24-7 wore off.

In 2016, Rica began making friends with insects on her windowsill — giving them names like “Skeet” and “Maximus.” She was lonely, she craved the support of a creative team, and she yearned to write in an actual office where her teenage sons would not be allowed to barge in and ask, “Do you think this cheese is still safe for consumption?”

Her frustration led to an incredible opportunity: a senior staff writer role at an award-winning magazine. Rica no longer names insects or sniffs cheese in the middle of the work day, and she considers herself a somewhat productive member of society.

When her 9 to 5 ends, Rica returns home to greet the love of her life, a pit bull named Princess Mia Sophia. She might also say hello the man she will marry one day — no rush because she already has his heart (and the ring).

Rica is the founder of the yoga-life blog Yoga Mat, the author of a sassy yoga ebook (available on Amazon) and many, many essays appearing on Elephant Journal, Huff Post, and other pretty decent sites. A self-help junkie, body-positive advocate and spiritual seeker, Rica hopes to inspire women everywhere with her well-arranged words. She recently vowed to eat everything with chopsticks, and she rather enjoys the multicultural experience of attacking a bean burrito with her skinny, wooden utensils.

And that’s the kind of gal she is.

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