Dim Sum Lunch

By Matthew Harrison

A Dim Sum lunch, a special feast,
A dozen dishes at the least!
I grab the pen and order sheet:
Let’s make a start with Cold Smoked Meat!
And then I order Phoenix Claws
(That’s chickens’ feet) to great applause,
With Juk, Har-gau, Siu-mai, and more
Delicious Man-tau buns for four –
No, make that double, make it eight! –
And fragrant Roast Pork by the plate,
And don’t forget the boiled Choi Sum
For health’s sake now our auntie’s come,
(With oyster sauce served separately),
And, Waiter, bring that Lung Cheng tea!
Oh, she wants beef with orange peel
(That’s steamed not fried), and rice with eel –
Which sounds less healthy, I’m afraid,
Or is it just the way it’s made? –
Four Treasures, if I’ve got it right,
And Taro Buns, all creamy white!
And is that all?  No, far from it!
We want dumplings by the punnet,
A round or two of San Chien Bau,
A plate of gorgeous crispy Gau
To Yuu to satisfy our stomachs,
And Battered Yam we’d like in hummocks!
And, Waiter, use less oil, less salt,
In all the food, so as to halt
The deterioration of our health,
Which sadly goes with increasing wealth.
You can’t do that?  Then let’s not worry,
We’re all here now, and in a hurry,
So bring it on, and if we can
We’d like dessert! – And then I scan
The order sheet, and find we’ve ordered
Far too much, it’s all disordered.
Should I cancel roast pork, beef ball?
Oh, what the heck, we’ll have it all!



Matthew Harrison lives in Hong Kong, and whether because of that or some other reason entirely his writing has veered from to literary to science fiction and he is currently writing poetry.  He has published pieces in all of these genres.  Matthew is married with two children but no pets as there is no space for these.



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