Without a Net

It reminded me of the night I discovered eternity. I was in my bed, saying my prayers, while everyone else was asleep.

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My Roommate Was a Totem

By Ira Rabois We all have things we fear. For several people I know, spiders are high on their list. For me, it was only big, hairy ones. There is something so primal about them. In 1969, I served in the Peace Corps in a small village in the jungle of Sierra Leone, which is […]

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Corolla Illusions

What if… What if… What if…

I wish I could say that I rarely think this way, but I do. When I became open about my mental illnesses, I promised myself that I would always be honest with my readers. I don’t want to present myself in one way to an audience and be another in my private life.

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Here Be Dragons!

Embracing the noise in your mind is the first step in making peace with it; in other words, intentionally entering and acknowledging that unknown territory in your head. Just as ancient seafaring mapmakers marked uncharted wilderness with illustrations of dragons – here be dragons – those anxiety-fueled dragons lurking in your mind can be overcome. Giving them occasional creative control is actually a great idea, albeit a brave one.

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The Trumpan Women (A Tragedy with Haiku)

The Trumpan™ Women [A Tragedy with Haiku]   Chorus: Like smoke blown to heaven on the wings of the wind, our country, our conquered country, perishes. Its palaces are overrun by the fierce flames and the murderous spear. Euripides  The Trojan Women   Orange has almost no perfect rhymes. The only word in the 20-volume historical […]

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Divorce Did Not Destroy Me: It Made Me Better

Suffering is a crude yet incredibly effective teacher. So if you are in such a position, consider the lessons I’ve learned, and know that you’re not alone in your struggle.

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A Writer By Any Other Name

If I were a writer, would I be more scared of success then failure?
Would I be more afraid of fame then anonymity?
Would I be too paralyzed to start for fear of an inability to finish?
If I were a writer, would the pressure to write weigh so heavily that I couldn’t write at all?

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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself? #lol

All of this to say: fear gets a bad rap. This month’s theme is “Facing Our Fears” and it might as well have been “Transforming Our Lives” or “How to Show Courage”. What we forget (but the Cowardly Lion reminds us) is that without FEAR we have no opportunity to be BRAVE. Same goes for love, btw.

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