Just a Phase

I’ll be completely real: I’ve gone through a lot of phases in my life.

The “pink hair” phase.
The “peanut butter on everything” phase.
The “wearing old knee socks as gloves” phase.


Oh, my.

Whether you admit it or not (accusatory glare) you’ve probably gone through a phase or two yourself.

And the thing I wonder — besides why did I ever stop dyeing my hair pink? That was such a good look! — is why are phases a bad thing?

If you’re like me, there was probably a point where this happened to you. Maybe it was the peak of hoarding pogs like they were oxygen, or the second week of refusing to wear anything but your favorite hoodie to school. Someone in your life who didn’t get it probably rolled their eyes and uttered the damning phrase: “It’s just a phase.”


So what!?

The moon has phases. The earth has seasons. Everything goes through phases! Even you, dear reader, shaking your head to yourself all like “Well *I* never bought in to the Pokémon phenomenon, *I* don’t have phases!”

Respectfully:  YES, YOU FUCKING DO.

All natural lives go through phases:

  • baby
  • toddler
  • child
  • adolescent
  • clueless asshole (16-24, thereabouts.  or until death.  depending.)
  • adult

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but everything is just a phase. Because nothing lasts forever.

And I think that’s a great thing!


Sure, some phases are tough. For instance, there’s that tough phase when your parents go from being your protectors, the people who take care of you, to people who need you to take care of them. Midlife crisis, Quarterlife crisis, Terrible Twos — phases can suck.

But there are also some amazing phases. Like, the first few months of a new relationship, commonly known as The Honeymoon Phase? See, that’s amazing. Go even smaller and there’s the phase when you discover a new music artist and proceed to devour their entire collected works and play their songs on repeat and all you can talk about at parties is how underrated they are. 

That’s an annoying phase for everyone else, surely, but what a cool phase it is for you!

Phases are inevitable. Unstoppable! Like the MOON! Like the SEASONS! So what are we to do?

Try to stop the moon from changing phases? NAH!  Try to stop the seasons?

NO! Go balls deep into your life’s seasons. Get you a slouchy beanie and a pumpkin spice latte and lean hard into that season of your life!


So, I’m not ashamed of any of my phases: the “Diane Keaton tie-wearing” phase that got mistaken for an “Avril Lavigne tie-wearing” phase. The “musical theatre” phase. Even the “growing out my bangs” phase that was mercifully short-lived.

phase (yes, now it’s a verb) because I am passionate. PASSIONATE! When I find something I love, I go all the way in. 

Whether that’s a new hobby, a new relationship, or eating pasta salad for every meal. And sure! Sometimes the passion fizzles out and I find I’m just not that into hummus or Carly Simon or Wii Bowling anymore. But for the length of that phase – however long that may be – it brought me intense joy.

So if you ask me, everyone should dive headfirst into a good phase every now and then! I say, set phasers to thrill. The worst that can happen? Photos of it will end up on the Internet.

featured image: Wikimedia Commons

15 thoughts on “Just a Phase

  1. Phases are natural, maybe even essential parts of life. Perhaps we should worry more if we don’t pass through phases. Phases suggest growth, forward momentum, discovery of self. To pass that off a “just a phase” is to minimize human potential. Really love this, Meghan.

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  2. Well done. Gives me thought and memoriesofatime: blue suede shoes, “box toes,” square knit ties, paisley ties, button-down shirts, pink shirts–all those sartorial phases MEN go through…. We guys should not complain about the phases women go through nor be let off so easily: pick up the latest issue of Esquire. I was accused of being a “clothes horse.” Now? I am in the What-am-I-going-to-do-with-the-rest-of-my-life? phase. I’m 76…. But I think Ive been in this phase since I was 22!

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    1. This comment makes me fondly recall my own dad’s phases – his tortoise-shell glasses phase which I remember from my childhood, and seeing photos of my parents in their respective clothing “phases.” Aww, thank you!

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  3. I’ve lost count of my phases, or, maybe, any interest in counting them. I just hope I keep having them right up until the final one that awaits us all.

    “Life is change.
    How it differs from the rocks.
    I’ve seen their ways too often for my liking.
    New worlds to gain.” Jefferson Airplane – “Crown Of Creation”

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  4. Perfect! You nailed what I’ve been thinking about recently. I’m having (yet another) change of careers/living arrangement (which usually means I take my toys to another part of the country and try something completely different). Sometimes I wonder if, now that I ditched my cube job, if I’ll ever “settle down” again into one thing. But you know what? It doesn’t actually matter, and that’s OK. But it’s not “just” a phase – it’s MY phase and I’m gonna enjoy it. 🙂 Thanks for the insight!

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  5. Very good, Meghan. We all go through phases throughout our life. I think the most noticeable time is the 16-24 area. Although many as young as 14 will have a significant clothes and appearance phase. But that goes away when some realize that high school and college can be much more important.

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