And the Hell of it is I like to sin,
not sin for the sake of sinning but sin
because I just can’t seem to stop myself

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Reigniting Your Passion

Passion exists everywhere. It infuses every element of our lives. It lives in our relationships, our pursuit of goals and dreams, our efforts toward self-improvement.

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The Long, Hot Summer: Blockbuster Movies by #HaikuJim

1. Titanic There’s a moment when You start to understand the Iceberg’s point of view. 2. The Long, Hot Summer It was long and hot, That summer. And the comma Made it much longer. 3. The Wizard of Oz White girl in strange land Kills two women of color (Green) and then goes home. 4. […]

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Hopper’s “Automat”

friend did not show up; please
sit down, spread your junk out
on the table, disturb the artist.
It is 1927 so you can smoke.
Pull out a ratty life-saver roll and
a rumpled handkerchief.
Live in, liven this picture.
Strike a match. Light up.

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Heat in the Heat 

We were married. A new life, together. The heat climbed to a new intensity, a different level.

Heat in the heat.

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Charlottesville: We Cannot Wash Our Hands of This

Hello, we are white America, and we have a problem. We are equal opportunity haters; we hate Republicans or Democrats or foreigners or our neighbors or taxes or religion or technology or inconvenience with equal passion and aplomb. We have convinced ourselves that OUR personal preference trumps the common good and have dug in our heels about the fact that YOUR belief system, sexual orientation, religion and skin color has to be as wholly right by me as my very complicated Starbucks’ drink order.

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New Yorkers have a reputation for being cool.

Nay, more than cool. I say now, fellas, what’s cooler than being cool? Uh, “emotionally frigid.” Yeah, that’s just about right.

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Meet OTV’s Author In Residence: Lisa A. Listwa

Lisa A. Listwa is wife to the nicest guy on the planet, mother to one glorious handful of a daughter, and reluctant but devoted owner of three rotten cats, affectionately nicknamed “the Rottens.” Her eclectic career history includes being a legal secretary, member of the human resources staff for a major day-planner calendar company, editorial […]

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