roar to the sun by John Reinhart


Dear  Readers,

I pulled this from the archives because we need to be reminded of  how much power lies within us. We are power lines .

We can face the sun along with its heat. We will not burn. We will roar to the sun …we will be lions… we will roar to the sun . We will celebrate our strength .

This is one my favorite poems by John Reinhart.

~Shareen Mansfield

roar to the sun
tribute to the ferocious dandelion –

crack through asphalt restrictions

even in the middle of the interstate

amid the 75 mph deadly rush of black exhaust;

breathe once the yellow air of freedom,

of life, of courage – life just because,

because that’s enough, as failures

form our steps and the dance dreams

life anew in handsketched colors outside the lines

outside the box where a cat mews

or doesn’t in halfhearted semi-existence
for every risk, ring the bell.

for every fall, let angels sing.

for every loss, a flower blossoms.

for every breath, the world is ours.
dull senses cut ugly shapes in earth

begging for attention, open wounds

bleed new promises brightly, watering

new growth against the direction of traffic,

a flood unrecognized because unmeasured

and the rivers’ pain screams at night

as a man stands tall on the mountainside,

struck by lightning, embracing the earth;

roses embalm him, lilies replenish his sacrifice

and dandelions light pathways of promise –

light sneaking through the undergrowth
for every truth, a new star shines.

for every listener, a raindrop falls.

for every denial, a door opens.

for every kiss, a thousand smiles.
live now in that never never promise of green,

wail when the winds stop and beat the drum

to reggae polka tangos sashaying amphibiously

north on backs of molten reindeer who deny

obstacles as dentists deny teeth – purpose

drawn upward by tigers and dandelions growling

for more while the midnight sun sets her table

and invites company to swallow her whole,

empowered to blaze trails where shadows

still drink coffee from tin cups to decipher entrails –

spit radiant flowers in the face of long odds
for every one, there is a choice.

for every choice, there is a circus.

for every circus, there is a lion.

for every lion roars to the sun.
An arsonist by trade, John Reinhart lives on a farmlette in Colorado with his wife and children. His poetry has recently been published in Scifaikuest, Star*Line, Moon Pigeon Press, and FishFood Magazine. He is a frequent contributor to the Songs of Eretz Review. Look for his chapbook “Horrific Punctuation” later this year fromTiger’s Eye Press. More of his work is available at Patreon and Facebook.



Source: roar to the sun : By John Reinhart


2 thoughts on “roar to the sun by John Reinhart

  1. Thanks for catching that! We are power lines. Each of us have power. We need to tap into that energy.
    The new mobile app for WordPress likes to make the wrong corrections. This is why a computer can never replace a reader.


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