Gone Cruisin’ with The Beach Boys for Summer Break

I think there is nothing children look forward to with greater anticipation (with the possible exception of Christmas) than summer vacation.  Of course there are many reasons for this–no more pencils, no more books, and plenty of sun, swimming and popsicles, just as the tip of the proverbial, seasonally inappropriate iceberg.  But the truth is that the joy of summer at its core is about the joy of freedom–sitting back and feeling the sand between our toes.

As adults we don’t enjoy summer as much because…well, WORK…and if we are parents the kids being home every day round the clock hardly qualifies as a vacation.  But there is still something about the long days, open windows and barbeques that speaks to us of escaping our day-to-day doldrums, even if that just means sitting outside for lunch or cranking the Beach Boys on the drive in to the office.

I chose “Celebrations” as our July theme because that was what the month always meant to me when I was growing up.  Apart from a big family reunion we always had on the 4th, July is riddled with family birthdays (including my own) and my parents’ wedding anniversary.  So I think of this month in particular not only when I think of celebrating but also when I think of having wishes-comes-true.

It’s safe to say everybody needs a break now and then and summer is the ideal time for this to happen.  When I took over as Editor-In-Chief of OTV last November I kind of hit the ground running, and as the months have passed Shareen and I together have come up with our own “wish-list”  for the site that we would like to take time to address.  So OTV will take a mini-break for this first week of July while our country celebrates Independence Day as we redecorate and spruce the joint up to our standards.

We want to wish our wonderful readers and writers alike a happy summer full of sunshine and everyday miracles.  We will be celebrating life with you when we return on July 10th.  In the meantime, go ahead and luxuriate in the lazy, hazy, crazy days–make some memories to share and remember–these are the good old days!



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3 thoughts on “Gone Cruisin’ with The Beach Boys for Summer Break

  1. You’ve got it about summer, and I’m hoping like hell that in spite of the crazy heat down here every July (and August, and September), that this month and onward are more helpful to me than hindrances. Everything went crappy in June, so July just HAS to be better. But maybe it’s that we’re truly in the summer now, definitely no school around, and there’s a sense of freedom. Time to get perspective and expand horizons. I’m so looking forward to it, too.

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  2. While my June wasn’t awful, per se, it certainly didn’t go the way I planned. So I’m hopeful for July. Just had my birthday, it’s halfway point of the year, a new month – time for fresh starts. And you know how I feel about fresh starts. There’s always one right in front of us. In the meantime, I love that video and I think I need to dig up Cocktail and watch it tonight. Just because. Cheers!

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