Snapshot: A Poem by Susan G. Duncan 

By Susan G. Duncan


I have a photo of you:

knickered, capped

holding a baseball bat

twice your height,

heavier than you can lift.

So the business end rests in the grass

and your pup Paddie

takes hold with his tiny teeth.

You look left

past the photo’s frame

but the camera caught it,

the confidence,

so tall in your smallness.

And I’ll confide:

you were already the man we’ll come to know

standing when the rest of us fell

shouldering more than you should

finally, futilely

swinging for the fences.


Susan G. Duncan

Susan G. Duncan is presently a consultant with a performing and visual arts clientele, capping a long career in arts administration.  She served as executive director for San Francisco’s musical comedy phenomenon Beach Blanket Babylon, the al fresco California Shakespeare Theater, and the Grammy-winning, all-male vocal ensemble Chanticleer.  Her work has appeared in Atlanta Review, Blast Furnace, Compass Rose, the G.W. Review, The MacGuffin, OmniArts, Poem, River Oak Review, and Thema, among others.


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