When DJT was Crippled

By Sean J Mahoney


When DJT was crippled he spent many mornings

and afternoons alone at school and not of choice.

DJT needed familiarity and friendship and functionality.

He had none of these things. He had himself and his

impairment. When DJT was crippled he talked often

to himself. He successfully convinced himself that

reinvention was the better half of valor so as to avoid

the slick trappings of inspiration. However, the real

world, much of the frightened shells and self-abdicating

segments anyway, failed to understand this message.

He was ridiculed and patronized and spit upon and given

ultimatums; his crucifixion, though metaphorical, left scars.


Since DJT was crippled in the 21st century his parents

Convinced him that there was hope since the ADA had

Passed into law just around the previous corner. But DJT

had trouble feeling it most times. He saw people like him

mocked in halls and cafeterias and on TV. And yes times

were changing and yes the world improved its overall

accessibility to both cloak and dagger but DJT drew ire

when confronting those who had parked wrongly in clearly

marked disabled spots. Violent, dark ire. This was the time

and place DJT found himself in because nobody, not anybody

ever anywhere, wants to be called out on their shittiness.


DJT knew doctors that, though they tried to make his trials

easier to cope with, had problems acknowledging gifts

such as subsidies and donated body parts; knew doctors

and physical therapists with no more interest beyond

turning, feeling up, and burning the patient clientele. DJT

had many mornings where his body hurt and his cloudy head

drifted and knowing that this thread would stitch both his past

and future together made absolutely no difference day to day.

This was one life. DJT knew better than to suffer elementa…l,m,n…hope.





Sean J Mahoney lives with his wife, her mother, two Uglydolls, and three dogs in Santa Ana, California.  Out-boozed by Franciscan monks in Ireland. Swam with Whale Sharks in Mexico. Believes that punk rock miraculously survives. Sean helped create to the Disability Literature Consortium (www.dislitconsortium.wordpress.com).  These particular pieces, misfits all, are seeking a suitable home. Central air, 2 bathrooms, spacious kitchen, yard space, and connectivity.

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