Meet OTV’s Lead Satire and Humor Columnist Meghan Sara

One fateful day in 1997, Meghan Sara came down with a 24-hour stomach flu. At her father’s insistence, she spent her brief convalescence in the family den, watching the classic film West Side Story. It is believed that this film sparked her lifelong desire to move to New York City, and to be serenaded by a young Richard Breymer in a glamorous nightgown on a fire escape. Nightgown — check. Fire escape — check. Your move, Rich.


After a sordid start in Queens and two Manhattan apartments, Meghan has settled down in Brooklyn. So whatever joke you’re thinking of making about Brooklyn, she’s already made it — before it was funny. Meghan is the tattooed, gluten-free, radical Feminist your parents warned you about.

Meghan Sara has written obnoxiously opinionated pieces for FemnastyQueenthings, xoJane, and BUST. She has spent the past seven years of her life blogging incessantly at, and five years telling ghost stories on the streets of Manhattan with Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem Walking Tours.

Reality TV connoisseur, outspoken opinionist, and not-half-bad taco chef, Meghan dotes over her garden of homebred succulents by day, and hasn’t met a sangria she didn’t like by night. When Meghan isn’t oversharing her opinions on Twitter, she’s at Burning Man. When she isn’t at Burning Man, she’s wishing she was.

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