Turning Over a New Leaf

For most of us the beginning of a New Year feels, symbolically at least, like an opportunity for a fresh start.  We reflect on the past with a mixture of pride and melancholy and look forward to a future of learning and growing and building on the progress we have made. There seems to be a consensus that 2016 was a uniquely challenging year we should all be glad to be rid of; however, instead of welcoming 2017 with open arms many feel a weariness at what we have already been through and a dread of what is yet to come.

Still, most of us know and history has proven that without challenges there is no change.  More of the same brings more of the same; we have a tendency, as species, to slip into complacency or inertia when there is nothing urgently requiring our attention.  We are hard-wired for survival though, and we are all more engaged and lively when we have identified a problem or injustice that needs rectifying.

So we must view what lies before us as a profound gift—yes, our way of life and in some cases our personal rights may be threatened—but we will act on the courage of our convictions and find comfort in the support of our community, in each other.  In the spirit of embracing change, Shareen and I have chosen “turning over a new leaf” as our January theme at OTV.  We want to hear from you—what change that you want to see are you now deciding to be?

As we enter the New Year together, we will be hearing from our regular contributors, new and old, as well as a line-up of guests on the topics of positive change and personal growth.  Shareen has resolved in 2017 to step-back from writing and has instead been busy building a team for both the front lines and behind-the-scenes at the magazine.  We will be introducing our new monthly columnists Meghan Sara, who has been delighting us these past few months with her humor and intelligence, and Will Van Stone Jr.,  who will debut his regular series “Bro Talk”.

We will reveal our resolutions, our grown-up wish lists, our plans for self-care and the causes that we are willing to fight for, down to the mat.  We will share humor, wisdom and information.  We will resist injustice while embracing the inevitable metamorphosis we are all now involved in; we will be learning that we can “go with the flow” while at the same time wearing away at the most seemingly immutable circumstances.

leaf-sunChange is coming, and we are that change.

Peace to all ~ Kara